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the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food


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| Last year a Texel ram owned by Caernarfon's Alwyn Phillips was top rated for carcase weight and carcase merit
Carcase characteristics and retail yield of progeny.
Average carcase weights have also increased from 305kg in 2011 to 311kg in 2012, suggesting that target fat class is being sacrificed in pursuit of higher weights in heifers.
Disposal costs rose from nothing for some animals in 1995 to pounds 60 a carcase this year.
HEAVIER beef carcases targeted at delivering the highest lean meat yield to score premiums for producers may end up incurring additional penalties if processors reduce their maximum weight limits, a study suggests.
The Hereford Cattle Society's superior carcase sire scheme is designed specifically to assist commercial producers selecting sires able to transmit improved carcase traits to their progeny and will offer up to pounds 500 to purchasers of eligible bulls.
The publication, Maximising Carcase Value, explains what causes waste and condemnations at abattoirs - and how to avoid them.
There has also been a steady increase in prime carcase weights over the last decade from an average of 310kg in 1998 to 326kg last year, with an associated improvement in leanness and conformation..
In the meantime, if anyone comes across an animal carcase in a river, they are asked to notify the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.
These are the results of the latest annual carcase classification figures from English Beef and Lamb Executive.
The splitting of the carcase takes place when the sheep has two broad teeth showing.
The quality of English beef carcases showed marked across-the-board improvements over the past year, according to the latest annual carcase classification figures from the English Beef and Lamb Executive.
There are opportunities for beef farmers to increase their returns by improving the carcase quality of the stock to meet market demands, according to the annual carcase classification summary from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (Eblex).
The rotting remains of six cows and calves were found in two barns at South Dissington Farm near Ponteland and a seventh carcase was lying in an open field close to where other cattle were grazing.