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stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammal

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Carcajou, Chinchaga, Keg River, Paddle Prairie, Twin Lakes (Keg River:
Because of their marked geographical, geological and paleontological differences, we recognize two distinct fossil assemblages: the Early Cambrian 'Colvilte Hills biota' (Good Hope sub-basin), and the Middle Cambrian 'Little Bear biota' (Carcajou sub-basin).
At a certain point--not long after the Bills steal $2,000 worth of whisky from Carcajou, who turns out to be incapable of staying dead--it becomes clear that Craven's direction has slipped beneath the surface of reality and gone straight to matters of subtext.
He clusters the essays in groups of from four to seven within categories such as shelter (tepee, igloo, wigwam, quonset hut), clothing (moccasin, mukluk, shoepac, poc boot, parka, anorak, mackinaw), food from plants (hominy, corn pone, succotash, squash, saguaro), and fur-bearers (muskrat, raccoon, skunk, carcajou, quickhatch, woodchuck, chipmunk).
Surviving the harsh winter is also hard for the large carnivores, such as the wolf (Canis lupus), the lynx (Felis [=Lynx] lynx), and the Gulo gulo, called the glutton in Eurasia and the wolverine or carcajou in North America.
Arnold 100 (CAN -264890); on N flank of Carcajou Range, Florence Lake, trees to 20 11, elev.
Mots cles: carcajou, Gulo gulo, comportement de recherche de nourriture, dissimulation d'aliments, predation, recuperation, oie de Ross, Chen rossii, petite oie des neiges, Chen caerulescens, renard arctique, Alopex lagopus, Refuge d'oiseaux du golfe Reine-Maud