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And Dana has signed an agreement with ALD Vacuum Technologies (Hanau, Germany) to develop the AtmoPlas technology for heat-treating and carburizing.
Thus the automotive companies are integrating their production lines with vacuum carburizing units with high-pressure gas quenching, for a continuous automation system, for faster and high-quality product development.
The scope of the contract includes: design, construction, supply, installation, commissioning and commissioning of the second part of the carburizing external power unit with a capacity of 910 MWe, including: system unloading coal using two wagon tipplers, including a system pulling wagons for tipplers, transport system coal from tippers to impact loading station No.
Forpit furnaces : Atmosphere circulation fan could be eliminated, uniform heating and more uniform carburizing, annealing, nitriding leads to up to 20 percent more efficient use of furnace space and productivity gain; can eliminate vibration damage to heating elements, furnace lid design extends lid life up to three times longer.
Solar's state-of-the-art services include vacuum heat treating, brazing, carburizing, nitriding and advanced processing of raw materials.
As parent material for welding was used heat-resistant chromium steel type CSN 17 153, which is resistant to oxidation on air to the 1100 [degrees]C and in carburizing environment to the 1000 [degrees]C.
Nitriding and carburizing of metals is a known technique to improve hardness and tribological properties of metals.
From casting a gear box to carburizing gears and CBN finishing of the gear teeth, this company offers state-of-the-art product design technology that is said to enable the elimination of potential problems prior to entering the production phase.
Detected reasons of the metal carburizing in the ladle-furnace after degassing were taken into account in experimental-commercial testing--heating was performed in slag mode and duration of melting under current in the ladle-furnace was reduced to minimum.
Furnaces and Atmospheres for Today's Technology seminar includes key topics for batch and continuous heat-treating systems including vacuum, high pressure quench, vacuum carburizing, CVD, atmosphere furnaces, general heat treatment, quenching, and protective atmospheres.
Parts then go to in-house heat treat for carburizing to 0.
To learn more about the Solar Manufacturing's diverse product line of vacuum heat treating, brazing, sintering, carburizing, and nitriding furnaces contact Peter Reh, vice president of sales, at 267-384-5040 x509 or pkr@solarmfg.
Tenders are invited for Water Base Anti Carb Paste For Deep Carburizing Upto 3.