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The raceway surface hardness of TL material also exceeds that of bainitic bearing steel and carburised steel.
For carburised cast cutting tools a new-patented M2-based HSS with ferritic matrix has been developed (Chaus & Latyshev, 1999).
Constructed to a World race-winning specification, the R6's rev-happy engine uses carburised con-rods, durable forged pistons and big-bore 37mm flat slide carburettors for serious levels of high-rpm performance.
Employing a combination of controlled shot peening and vibratory 'superfinishing' to process critical transmission parts, has resulted in the fatigue life of carburised steel gears being increased by more than 50 per cent.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pinion Case Carburised For Traction Motor Type 4601 Az.