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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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In electronic carburettor system, during idle condition the engine speed as well as the air fuel ratio is also maintained at narrow band with good engine speed stability throughout engine oil temperature variations similar to fuel injection.
Everyone would have waited years for the pressurised carburettor.
It added: "There was no record of maintenance personnel inspecting the carburettor jets in 17 years nor was there a requirement to do so.
Following the accident the pilot could not remember exactly when or for how long he had applied the carburettor heat, but the selector was found in the cold position after the accident.
It was just a standard carburettor from Mikael Blixt in Sweden and 90 to 95 per cent of riders in Britain use them.
Jensen's carburettor was allegedly found to be marginally oversize during Peterborough's shock 46-44 victory at Poole on Monday night.
The sugar also went into the carburettor and knackered the engine.
The Spitfire pilot needed a level of skill different from that of the Luftwaffe pilot, because quick ascents and descents, especially at altitude, meant that the carburettor wouldn't do its job, causing the engine to cut, whereas fuel injection pumps the fuel under pressure no matter what.
He had applied partial operation of a heating device aimed at melting any ice forming in the carburettor and had then taken off.
He explained: "I seem to keep having carburettor problems.
Q MY Peugeot 405 is giving me carburettor problems in that the cold starting is easy, but as the engine warms up it will not idle evenly and at low speed driving the engine will not pull in the higher gears without jerking.
It is carburettors that supply engines with petrol and up to the Battle of Britain all the aero-carburettors for the RAF's Spitfires and Hurricanes were made in Birmingham and if enemy bombers had stopped production then, according to Fairfax, "Britain would have been unable to put into the air any new fighters for a period of at least 12 months.
Shilling, one of the first women to study aeronautical engineering at Manchester University, devised an ingenious solution to a problem bedevilling Hurricanes and Spitfires during World War Two--the flooding of carburettors under negative-gravity effects during rapid dives.
McKay's winning sentence, for which he receives USD250, compared fixing carburettors to fondling a woman's breasts.
Dirty carburettors, blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps are some results of running out of fuel.