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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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Everyone would have waited years for the pressurised carburettor. But when you're in trouble, you can't wait years.
It added: "There was no record of maintenance personnel inspecting the carburettor jets in 17 years nor was there a requirement to do so."
Recording a conclusion of accidental death, he said: "The main cause, in my view and on the balance or probabilities, is due to carburettor icing and the failure of the pilot to identify that."
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: "The fire was caused by a backfire in the carburettor."
In the full glare of the Sky TV cameras, Jensen's carburettor was impounded for being marginally oversize - and sent to SCB technical adviser Jimmy McMillan for further inspection.
On the morning of the accident there were a number of reports from other pilots of carburettor icing.
I spent wads on new tyres, a new carburettor and lots of other stuff.
The single-engined Piper Cherokee suffered a loss of power approaching Caernarfon Airport possibly caused by the carburettor icing up, the report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) suggests.
I remember him telling me that the very early Spitfires had only carburettor, not fuel injection, as did the little German 109s ("Hundertneun" in German).
Additionally it says he had inadvertently left the carburettor heat switch which is used to prevent ice forming in the carburettor on and had been distracted by the low sun.
Mr Hughes said while the weather was good, the temperature and "dew point" conditions could have lead to severe carburettor icing.
This picture shows factory girls at work on the milling of parts for the aircraft engine carburettor at Coventry's Standard Factory.
A blocked jet in the carburettor could be the problem.