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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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The junction of the fuel line and carburetor is the most likely location for a tear.
The carburetor had a high float level even after setting it IAW the maintenance manual.
The off-site sampling efforts are expected to begin in May and will not interfere with progress toward a comprehensive remedy for the Carter Carburetor site, EPA reported.
The engine intake system had its original carburetor connected as shown in Figure 4.
This is entirely possible because fuel vaporization and the accompanying decrease of pressure in the carburetor venturi causes a temperature drop of up to 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
On a Marvel-Schebler carb, as on an automotive carb, the idle speed adjustment is made with a set-screw on the low-RPM stop at the throttle arm on the carburetor. Make adjustments as needed to bring the idle RPM back to 650-750.
TOM: Go online, and see if you can find an already-rebuilt carburetor for your 1968 Chevy truck.
He said: "Ice can build up on the insides of the carburetor blocking the throat and cutting power."
In designing the producer gas carburetor, simplicity and ruggedness have always been considered as a basic requirement to achieve easy adjustment and reproducible performance.
Cleaning your small engine's carburetor isn't terribly daunting, but I recommend that you have the service manual for your engine and a carburetor rebuild kit on hand before tackling the job.
At the engines stall have been brought in order to try a Mono-Motronic (Grunwald, 1980), injection system engine type 106-20 equipped with carburetor 28/30 DCI.
AN ACCIDENT in which a light aircraft crash landed and flipped over in a Northumberland cornfield was probably caused by ice forming on the carburetor, an investigation has concluded.
The organisation's Field Investigation Team found that a build-up of ice in the carburetor may have caused the crash.
But the company pointed out that it saw higher carburetor net sales as a percentage of total net sales in the first quarter over the comparable 2006 period.
NEW ORLEANS -- The intentional inhalation of products containing methanol, such as carburetor cleaner and windshield washer fluid, can cause significant toxicity--and emergency physicians must keep that in mind when a suspected inhaler, or "huffer," comes into the emergency department.