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mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

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The functionality of the fuel injection system and carburetor is basically air fuel mixture management.
Engine dieseled after shutdown, and leaked fuel at the seam between the upper and lower halves of the carburetor.
Then you unscrew about four nuts that bolt down the carburetor, and you're done.
The engine can't get gas if the fuel filter is plugged or the carburetor inlet needle is stuck.
The flow domain considered for simulation is the whole carburetor assembly with steady state flow.
Using your manual as a guide, reassemble the carburetor (install any new components included in the rebuild kit such as gaskets, needle valve, etc.
Not only does the EGC 2 eliminate the traditional mechanical carburetor and diaphragm and pressure regulator, eliminating a frequent maintenance issue, but it generally lowers the overall cost of the fuel system, the company said.
In reality this assumption will not hold for many systems (including the carburetor icing warning system).
Yamaha Motor said the fuse of the carburetor-warming equipment will blow and it will stop operating if it generates a short circuit between the carburetor and the body during maintenance.
You can put an RFID tag on the core of the carburetor, and it will carry assembly instructions on the shop floor.
Both saws also have Husqvarna's Air Injection system, which precleans and compresses combustion air as it's sent to the carburetor.
Growth in output per employee hour in the carburetor, s pistons, and valves industry has been substantially below that for all manufacturing; the industry has felt the effects of weak demand
The quick answer is one of two things: The fuel either flows into a carburetor where it mixes with air and then is routed to each cylinder, or it moves through a more-complicated fuel injection system before getting to the cylinders.
EPA Region 7 has reached settlement agreements with two corporations, enabling work to begin before the end of summer 2013 on a long-awaited $30 million environmental cleanup of the Carter Carburetor Superfund Site in North St.
Instead, remove the carb from the engine, disassemble it, take off all the plastic parts and dunk it into a carburetor cleaner bath.