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Last season I lost a race because of the rain, and so we have made sure we have the right tyres and also I think the carburetion is improved this time."
Caldwell recalled that most of CEESI's early work involved calibrating aerospace instruments and helping the automotive industry develop new carburetion methods and flow meters for vehicles.
Graham won the inaugural Grand Prix World Championships astride the Porcupine in 1949, a win that was to become AJS's and Graham's only major title, but carburetion and magneto shaft failure forced Graham''s retirement from the lead of the 1949 Senior TT just two minutes from the finish.
One can see that as the flow passes across the orifices, baffle plates and the semi-cylindrical plates and before it gets out of the carburetor, the mixture is found to be getting more uniform and near the exit, the producer gas mass fraction is seen to be close to 0.5 uniformly, representing the most desirable condition for the carburetion. Figure 10 (c) shows the producer gas mass fraction lies around 0.5 of the mixture before it leaves the carburetor.
This is accomplished through the advanced combustion chamber design, implementation of digital capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) with variable ignition timing, and twin barrel inner-vent carburetion.
This includes all kinds of fuel metering devices (fuel injection, as well as carburetion), and the vulnerable parts of the induction system, where ice can accumulate.
* carburetion or alcohol fuel injection into the intake system combined with an injection of prime fuel in the cylinder by means of ordinary fuel injection equipment;
The federal ban lists specific examples of drug paraphernalia, including "water pipes," "carburetion tubes" "smoking masks," "electric pipes,' "chillums," "chillers," "wired cigarette papers,' and "metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic pipes with or without screens" But it includes an exception for any item "traditionally intended for use with tobacco products" In practice, then, the "objective" standard is often subjective, based on a prosecutor's idea of what drug paraphernalia looks like.
TTC at McKenzie's ASE-certified auto technician course offers instruction in engines, transmissions, electronic systems , carburetion, cooling systems, brakes, four wheel alignment, and on-board computers.
The researches made on SI engines with carburetion show the possibility of very poor mixtures combustion and addition hydrogen created in original conception (Afflack & Fish.
Students receive instruction related to safety, tools and equipment, fasteners, measurement, engine identification, basic electrical, engine principles and design cooling systems, lubrication systems, fuel and carburetor systems, shop management, mechanical remote control assembly, propeller and trim, mechanical gearcase, advanced fuel systems, advanced carburetion, ignition systems, and engine overhaul.
Desulco's use in steel applications helps reduce gas-related defects as well as ensures rapid in-specification carburetion rates, which eliminate the need for steel reprocessing and minimize slag foaming.
"In neither car do I, the operator, really want to know what the different control systems in the two cars are, nor do I want to have to know how the injection and carburetion decisions really change at different speeds under VTEC."
The revolutionary OilPull Tractor, which was introduced in 1910, used a unique carburetion system developed by John Secor, the company's chief engineer.