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a large bottle for holding corrosive liquids

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DR: It's probably half of the people here are going to have carboys, and they are going to do hard cider, and then all the half gallons are going to go in our freezers, which will last me all winter.
* Container capacities range from 125 mL to 2 liters for media bottles, 1 and 2 liters for Erlenmeyer flasks, and 2.5 to 40 liters for carboys
BioClosure System Assemblies include Single-Use AdvantaFlex fluid transfer tubing and molded container closures, plus filters and caps for media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and carboys. The assemblies, offered in standardized configurations, are intended to help customers save time and money on inventoried parts, assembly and cleaning validations.
Jo was also locum in those days at Timothy White's and Taylor's, Carter's and Thewlis before working full time for Brackenbury's, a shop situated opposite St Paul's Church which was typical of the times with its four huge glass carboys filled with coloured water.
After settling, the juice was racked according to cluster-thinning treatment into duplicate 19-liter glass carboys. Carboys were chaptalized to 22[degrees] Brix if necessary, and juice was inoculated with 0.25g per liter Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain R-HST yeast previously rehydrated in GoFerm.
Transferring liquids from small drums, buckets and carboys using hand-operated, manual pumps can be a time-consuming and messy process, even if correct procedures are followed.
The S6 Rechargeable Drum Pump Motor is an option for transferring fluids from drums, barrels and carboys where a power supply is not available or is too distant from the point of pumping or where fluids need transferring in remote, isolated locations.
In the last week of July, a private TV program claimed it had detected bacterial formations in 41 out of 55 carboys from various water companies similar to those seen in human excrement, but it stopped short of naming those companies until the ministry ran an official and more comprehensive analysis of the products.
Thermo also offers an iPhone app for the selection of Nalgene bottles, carboys, and vials.
The polypropylene version of the established range of Finish Thompson EF series drum emptying pumps is now available with the option of a longer tube length designed specifically to work with larger IBC's and carboys which typically hold volumes up to 1250 litres (330 gallons).
A great number of carboys are used by their group on a day-to-day basis, so many, in fact, that they need to periodically have a 'carboy cleaning day' to catch up and clean and rinse them all.
The must goes into large glass containers called carboys, commonly used in home brewing and winemaking.
Typically, the tube is longer than your carboys are deep, with a bend at the top.
We ran a bucket brigade to catch wine pouring from the spigot, then carefully splashed it into glass jugs called carboys.