carboxylic acid

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Carboxylic acid and phosphate ester derivatives of fluconazole: synthesis and antifungal activities.
Surface observation (see Figure 12) shows that the adding the organic carboxylic acid decreases the heating damage in the passivation layer.
o] = amount of carboxylic acid added to the bottle (g); [C.
Various literature approaches exist for the conversion of primary alcohols to carboxylic acids (Figure 2).
Therefore, this study posed two hypotheses related to potential manipulation of P availability in fanning systems through carboxylic acid addition.
6) The frequency of amide absorbance was influenced by proton transfer (11) from the neighboring carboxylic acid to the ethanolamide functionality.
Dichlorobis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium (IV) (Aldrich), 2-pyrazine carboxylic acid (Aldrich), 5-methyl-2-pyrazine carboxylic acid (Aldrich) and 2, 3-pyrazine dicarboxylic acid (Aldrich) were used as supplied.
FDA thus concluded that homotaurine is not an "amino acid" under Section 201(ff)(l)(D) because it is a gamma-amino sulfonic acid, and not an alpha-amino carboxylic acid or a constituent of proteins.
Cu(I) Oxide + Carboxylic Acid [right arrow] Cu(I) Carboxylate [unstable] + Water
The initial product portfolio consists of PTFE micropowders treated with hydroxyl or carboxylic acid groups on the surface of the powder These treated powders demonstrate exceptional flow and dispersion characteristics unattainable in standard micropowders, according to the company
Crystallization kinetics of pure PBT and PBT blended with an epoxide, which was used to reduce the free carboxylic acid concentration, were compared.
US Patent 8,921,295 B2; American Sterilizer Company, Mentor, OH, has patented a concentrated neutral detergent composition that is comprised of one or more nonionic surfactants, comprising a primary or a secondary alcohol ethoxylate, an alcohol alkoxylate other than said ethoxylate, an aromatic ethoxylate, a modified ethoxylate, or a block polymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, or any combination thereof; one or more hydrotropes comprising an amine oxide, or a glucoside, or both; one or more chelants; a buffer comprising one or more alcohol amines, or one or more organic acids, or any combination thereof; one or more corrosion inhibitors comprising an amine, amidazole, diazole, triazole, carboxylic acid, or any combination thereof; and water.
Two special primers explain reaction mechanisms and carboxylic acid derivative reaction mechanisms.
A particulate superabsorbent polymer composition comprising a superabsor-bent polymer comprising: a) at least one monomer selected from an ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid; ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid anhydride; salts or derivatives thereof based on the super-absorbent polymer; b) from about 0.