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relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical

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Chemical company Oxea said on Friday that it plans to construct its sixth world-scale production plant for carboxylic acids in Oberhausen, Germany to meet the rising demand under its global production network.
Carboxylic acid amide fungicides play an important role in the fields of pesticide.
The researchers discovered that, as antibiotics, platensimycin and platencin thiocarboxylic acids appeared to bind to their biological targets even better than their carboxylic acid counterparts.
All the functionalized CNTs were characterized using FESEM-EDX and FT-IR analyses as well to ensure the favourable outcome in the attachment of carboxylic (-COOH) and amide (-CON[H.sub.2]) functional groups on the CNTs.
Fettouhi, "Effect of carboxylic functional group functionalized on carbon nanotubes surface on the removal of lead from water," Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, vol.
His topics include stereochemistry at tetrahedral centers, an overview of organic reactions, organhohalides, mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy to determine structure, conjugated compounds and ultraviolet spectroscopy, benzene and aromaticity, carboxylic acids and nitriles, carbonyl alpha-substitution reactions, the organic chemistry of metabolic pathways, and synthetic polymers.
Xu, Hegenbarth, and Chen developed a functional TFE copolymer fine powder containing 0.001 to 10 mol% comonomers with acid groups such as carboxylic, sulfonic, or phosphoric acids pendant to the polymer chain.
Carboxylic acids are used in various industries for the production of polymers, pharmaceuticals, solvents, and food additives.
One of the most exciting findings, though, is the discovery of a surface covered by complex mixtures of organic materials possibly containing carboxylic acids, which also occur in amino acids -- essential components often called the "keys to life.''
An absorbent article comprising a malodor control composition disposed therein, said malodor control composition comprising: at least one volatile aldehyde; an acid catalyst having a vapor pressure of about 0.01 to about 13 at 25[degrees]C.; and wherein said acid catalyst is 5-methyl thiophene carboxylic acid.
This diluted standard is DEA-exempt, so there's no need to purchase costly neat materials or make your own standards, and it is prepared in acetonitrile, which helps maintain stability by preventing methylation of the carboxylic acid group on the molecule.
Then, gold nanoparticles were coated by an insulating molecule layer (mercapto alkyl ended to carboxylic acid) through self-arrangement method.
The exposure of a PDMS surface to narrow band excimer radiation (UV modification) under a continuous purge of nitrogen is a simple one step technique that results in the formation of negatively charged carboxylic acids on the surface.