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treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid

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With this acquisition, OMG enhances its metal carboxylates business both in Canada.
These are mixtures of tin mercaptides and carboxylates (an approach also used in Witco's Mark 1975).
We are the first major carboxylate and PVC additive producer to move into the region, and we will be able to leverage a low cost position, strong technical support and prompt delivery capabilities into the Asia Pacific marketplace, which will be growing at a faster rate than western markets.
is a leading international producer and marketer of value-added metal based specialty products such as metal carboxylates and metal salts and powders.
During his tenure with the Company, he has held a variety of positions, including national sales manager; business manager - Americas; vice president - Americas; and vice president - global sales & marketing, metal carboxylates.
the world's leading producer of cobalt carboxylates, cobalt and nickel specialty inorganic salts, cobalt and copper powders.
These can include hydroxyls, carboxylates, aldehydes, ketones and esters.
We are the world's number one producer of cobalt carboxylates, cobalt and nickel salts, electroless nickel, stainless steel powders and copper powders.
Products include proprietary calcium-zinc and barium-zinc stabilizers, many FDA-sanctioned+ Also low-odor tin carboxylates.
The TB Alliance is taking the lead of building the first, most comprehensive portfolio of TB drug candidates in decades, and is accelerating discovery, preclinical and clinical research of nitroimidazopyrans, quinolones, macrolides, carboxylates and other known or novel classes of antibiotics to shorten and simplify the treatment of tuberculosis.
Additionally, it is also known that metal-containing liquid crystals in the form of metal binuclear carboxylates can be readily formed from the simple interaction of long chain sodium carboxylates and simple transition metal salts such as copper sulfate (ref 14).
Oils, chemicals and resins listed include rosin resins, resin dispersions, fatty acids and derivatives, wax emulsions, plastic modifiers, hydrocarbon resins, defoamers, cationic resins, amines, glycols, carbonates, emulsifiers, surfactants, heat transfer fluids, phenolic resins, copolymers, ethylene vinyl acetate, terpolymers, polybutenes, ethylene amines, styrene isoprene and styrene butadiene block copolymers, naphthenic process oils, metallic carboxylates, polyester resin catalysts and loss of dry inhibitors.
Carboxylates would explain the high solubility--and therefore the long lifetime in water-of the organic hydrocarbons, Gaffney asserts.
OMG Americas has announced the promotion of David Holdsworth to business manager, metal carboxylates.
OMG's principal product lines include metal carboxylates, metal salts and metal powders sold to diverse industries, including catalysts, ceramics, coatings, electronics, hard metal tools, magnetic tapes, petroleum refining, plastics, plating, pressed metal parts and other specialty chemicals.