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treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid

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Another advantage is that the lower valence state of the metal is regenerated making most oxidative metal carboxylates true catalysts which, unfortunately, is not always a good thing as will be discussed.
We are conducting experiments to synthesize alkylammonium carboxylates and systematically study their properties.
1981) for humic substances, found absorption bands for carboxylic acids and carboxylates.
Although the majority of the copper carboxylates produced by the lubricating oil corrosion of copper oxide surfaces will be oil soluble, the solubility of the copper carboxylates will be reduced by the presence of the refrigerant, especially HFC refrigerants.
Dispersants -- high carboxylate dispersant (polyacrylic acid), a range of dispersants with varying amounts of carboxylate (i.
Detailing the advantages of metal carboxylates, Dr.
Measuring the biodegradability of nonylphenol ether carboxylates, octylphenol, ether carboxlyates, and nonylphenol.
Their chemical natures, particularly the coordination characteristics of the carboxylates to the zinc metal ion were investigated by infrared spectroscopy.
Cachat will represent OMG America's Driers & Additives Complex metal carboxylates for the paint industry.
The scientists have now found that the white material in these microscopic craters consists of carboxylates making up a benign soap containing lead.
Since 1980, CSM complimented its portfolio with nickel chemicals and since 2007 with a broad range of metal carboxylates for various catalytic applications.
Sohail, Synthesis, crystal structures and electrochemical characterization of dinuclear paddlewheel copper(II) carboxylates, Polyhedron, 57, 83 (2013).
The solutions looked for should be different from the classic approaches based on detergents such as neutral or over-based sulfonates, phenates, sulfurized phenate, salicylates and other oil-soluble carboxylates of a metal, particularly the alkali or alkaline earth metals e.
Troymax[TM] Driers, Metal Carboxylates, & Anti-Skinning Agents
This synthetic procedure has been found to indeed yield the desired basic carboxylate Cr(III) cations for the carboxylates acetate, propionate, and benzoate, although in relatively low yield.