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treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid

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Review of the literature suggested that indole and indazole carboxylate SCRA might supersede indole and indazole carboxamides in the drug market (12).
As the presence of the carboxyl groups attributed to the ionic repulsion between the carboxylate groups of the cellulose chains, the number of carboxyl groups that had led to the addition of negative charge played a critical role in the dispersion of NFCs.
In the current work quinoline carboxylates were chosen as coligands in order to generate cationic complexes and also to explore the possible different coordination modes of the ligands.
The redox reaction between the nitrates and diol (1,2-ED, 1,3-PD, and 1,4-BD) with formation of the carboxylate precursors takes place according to (1).
Based on FTIR and Raman spectral results, the reactive products S-sulfonate, cystine monoxide, cystine dioxide, cysteic acid, disulphides, and carboxylates displayed a considerable fluctuation in amount regarding both absorbed dose and time.
[12,14] observed this passivating effect for mild steel with carboxylates and suggested that the protective film consists mainly of Fe(III) oxide with inclusion of insoluble Fe(III) carboxylate.
We are conducting experiments to synthesize alkylammonium carboxylates and systematically study their properties.
of mixed cannabinoids in their non-psychoactive form (known as mixed carboxylates) and five mg of a steam-distilled mixture of the natural terpenes and terpenoids found in cannabis and hemp.
carboxylic acids and carboxylates are mainly responsible for this chelation in large number of mono and multidentate ligands.
Natarajan, "Synthesis, structure and optical properties of rare-earth benzene carboxylates," Dalton Transactions, no.
The Cornell engineers are looking to prevent methane production by the microbes, and instead, to shape the bacterial communities to produce carboxylates, which are a precursor to the alkanes found in fuels.
* For the cobalt carboxylates, please visit:
Patil and his colleagues at IIsC Bangalore have developed an original low-temperature self-propagating synthetic method using solution combustion and combustible precursors processes, and describe preparing combustible powders and doping to produce composite materials, They describe metal hydrazine carboxylates as precursors in simple metal oxides, single source precursors to mixed metal oxides, solution combustion synthesis of oxide materials, alumina and related oxide materials, nano crystalline Ferris oxides and ferrites, nano-titania and tintinates, zirconia and related oxide materials, perovskite oxide materials, and applications.
Although the majority of the copper carboxylates produced by the lubricating oil corrosion of copper oxide surfaces will be oil soluble, the solubility of the copper carboxylates will be reduced by the presence of the refrigerant, especially HFC refrigerants.