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treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid

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has patented a solid alkaline detergent composition comprised of a surfactant that is comprised of ethylene oxide/propylene oxide copolymer; silicate; amino carboxylate, wherein the combination of the silicate and amino carboxylate results in a metal protecting function; and an additional alkalinity source.
WVP is monitored to determine the impact of grafted poly(IPA) and ionic carboxylate group on the water vapor permeation through PU membrane using the previous method [40, 41].
On the other hand, benzene multicarboxylate ligands play a significant role in the design and construction of coordination polymers [12-14] because of their fascinating characteristics including strong coordination ability, diverse coordination modes, various organic skeletons of carboxylate linkers, and extensive hydrogen-bonding interactions.
Some indole carboxylate compounds were detected internationally in patient samples, e.g., PB-22 (13, 14), 5F-PB-22 (15-17), and BB-22 (18).
Their optimal levels were determined by single-factor experiments using the change in the KBP properties, that is, crystallinity, viscosity, kappa number, and carboxylate content, as the response factors.
Both nitrogen atoms of amine groups are protonated, while the two carboxylic acid groups exist as carboxylate anions [6].
The IR spectrum displayed the typical asymmetric ([v.sub.asym]) and symmetric ([v.sub.sym]) carboxylate stretching frequencies at 1523 and 1455 [cm.sup.-1] ([DELTA] = 68 [cm.sup.-1]) and 1516 and 1454 ([DELTA] = 62 [cm.sup.-1]), respectively, for 1 and 2, confirming the presence of the quinoline carboxylate ligands coordinated in the chelating mode through the carboxylate to the metal center [23, 24].
Carboxylate ions show relatively the least fluctuation.
[12,14] observed this passivating effect for mild steel with carboxylates and suggested that the protective film consists mainly of Fe(III) oxide with inclusion of insoluble Fe(III) carboxylate.
The process includes masked irradiation of vacuum ultraviolet light on an amorphous perfluorinated polymer layer to photo-activate the surface with pendant carboxylate groups, and subsequent coating of alkylamine-encapsulated silver nanocolloids, which causes amine-carboxylate conversion to trigger the spontaneous formation of a self-fused solid silver layer.
In hepatic cells, more than 90% is transfromed to oseltamivir carboxylate which is an active metabolite.
Previous studies show that the newly formed carboxylic acids are easily transformed into carboxylate anions.
For example, a disubstituted nanoparticle with two terminal carboxylate groups pointing in opposite directions can form covalent bonds with a symmetrical diamine such as ethylenediamine.
Compounds C6 and C7 formed hydrogen bond with site of phosphorylation residue Asp16, bromine atom, and carboxylate group showing hydrophobic interaction at the active site.