carboxyl group

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the univalent radical -COOH

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long-chain alkanes, the carboxyl group, and the ether bond in kerogen macromolecules), thereby generating large quantities of macromolecular condensable volatile compounds and a small fraction of micromolecular light gases at this stage of pyrolysis.
1] of an aqueous solution of (EDC) at room temperature for 2 h to activate carboxyl groups in the grafted PAAc chains.
In case of compound 2, Arg131 residue established arene-cation interaction with one of the benzene rings of compound and the residue Glu134 formed three-side interaction, that is, two sides with hydrogen of two hydroxyl groups and one side with one oxygen group of carboxyl group (Figure S6).
Among these three types of nanoparticles, those with the carboxyl groups were taken up by cells and exhibited a strong bone differentiation-inhibitory effect compared to the other types of nanoparticles.
The sharp band observed at 1591 cm-1 confirmed the presence of COO- and assigned to stretching of the carboxyl group.
2]-centered radicals respectively with fullerene as a function of the carboxyl group rotate, [phi], with rotating step Iff see Fig.
Based on the solution P concentrations, it appears that benzoic and cinnamic acids behave as distinct groups, with the key differences in their structures being the distance of the carboxyl group from the benzene ring and the inclusion of a double-bond in the carboxyl side chain, both of which may influence their ability to form stable complexes with P in solution.
These results suggested that the reaction might have occurred with a carboxyl group or groups in the enzyme.
In this fermentation, bacteria cleave a carboxyl group off of malic acid, yielding lactic acid and C[O.
Here, in o, m and p-Nitrobenzoic acid only nitro group, reduced by Bakers' Yeast into amino group without affecting carboxyl group (fig: 1).
IA (methylene succinic acid) is a white, crystalline, unsaturated, dicarboxylated, vinyl monomer with one carboxyl group conjugated to the methylene group.
5 to 25 parts by weight of a heat-expandable microcapsule including a shell, and a substance capable of vaporizing or expanding under heating to thereby generate a gas and a nonpolar oil, both encapsulated in the shell, wherein the shell is made of a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of a nitrile-based monomer (I), a monomer (II) having an unsaturated double bond and a carboxyl group in the molecule thereof, an optional monomer (III) having two or more polymerizable double bonds, and an optional copolymerizable monomer (IV) for adjusting the expansion properties.
Enzyme activity was calculated and expressed as NGequivalent carboxyl group g-1 s-1 fresh weight (Zainon et al.
The carboxyl group also decreased at higher temperature for most biochars, and the activated low-temperature wood biochar had higher carboxyl groups than its non-activated counterpart.