carboxyl group

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the univalent radical -COOH

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Finally, 5 mL of 1.0 M NaOH aqueous solution is added into reaction mixture, and the stirring continues for 1 h to deprotonate the carboxyl group on DMPA.
When the dispersant is added to the solution, the negatively charged carboxyl group dissociated from the dispersant which adsorbed on the positively charged Zr[O.sub.2] will react with a hydroxyl group which associated with the Zr[O.sub.2] particle.
As explained in Section 2.1, the molecular structure of CA is elongated in the horizontal direction, with a single carboxyl group at the left end of the molecule through which CA binds to Ti[O.sub.2].
In addition, the structure-activity relationships' analysis revealed that the carboxyl group of glucuronic acid at C-3 sugar chain determines the cytotoxic activity, which could provide clues for the synthesis of oleanolic-type triterpenoid saponin derivatives.
Arg131 interacts with oxygen (carboxyl group) to one side of benzene ring while Asp40 was found in polar interaction with H (hydroxyl group) of compound 1 (Figure S4).
PAAc-g-PDMS films were placed in 10 mg.[mL.sup.-1] of an aqueous solution of (EDC) at room temperature for 2 h to activate carboxyl groups in the grafted PAAc chains.
The researchers investigated the effect of gold nanoparticles with carboxyl groups on the gene expression profile of mesenchymal stem cell from human bone marrow.
The sharp band observed at 1591 cm-1 confirmed the presence of COO- and assigned to stretching of the carboxyl group. The band at 1417 cm-1 and 1323 cm-1 was assigned to OH stretching in-plane and C-H stretching in symmetric of CMC, respectively.
Then we examine this interaction as a function of glycine rotate and then the carboxyl group. Finally, we tried to investigate the effect of linking another amino acid with fullerene on the interaction energy.
Will other hydrophilic moieties be as effective as the carboxyl group? Will the choice of the cation influence the properties of the surfactant?
Therefore, a carboxyl group (O7 and O8) and all water molecules in the title complex are not coordinated.
It was likely resulted from low sulfonate p[K.sub.a] value, determined in the range of 1.0-2.5 [40], which was below the lowest p[K.sub.a] estimated from the titration curve--p[K.sub.a] = 2.66, assigned to carboxyl group. Since interaction of metal ions with deprotonated sulfone groups was evident on FTIR spectra, it might be concluded that -S[O.sub.3]- occurred on the microalgal surface at insufficiently high concentration to be considered as the major binding site.
CCP Composites US LLC has been granted a patent for a thermosetting, crosslinkable resin composition suitable for preparing a gel coat, the composition is comprised of: a polyester acrylic polymer having an average of more than two polymerizable carbon-carbon double bonds in each molecule, the carbon-carbon double bonds in the polyester acrylic polymer being from a reaction product of a saturated polyacid half-ester having an average acid functionality of two or more and an unsaturated epoxide monomer in about chemically equivalent amounts to furnish one epoxy group per carboxyl group, the saturated polyacid half-ester being the reaction product of one or more polyols having an average of at least two hydroxy!
Based on the solution P concentrations, it appears that benzoic and cinnamic acids behave as distinct groups, with the key differences in their structures being the distance of the carboxyl group from the benzene ring and the inclusion of a double-bond in the carboxyl side chain, both of which may influence their ability to form stable complexes with P in solution.