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Synonyms for carboxyl

the univalent radical -COOH

relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical

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As expected, after carboxymethylation, the amounts of deprotonated carboxyl groups had increased (Table 1).
13]C CP spectra of 19 soils and 5 humic extracts acquired on a 300 MHz spectrometer at a MAS rate of 15kHz contained substantially less carboxyl and aryl signal than those acquired on a 100MHz spectrometer at a MAS rate of 4 kHz.
By comparison with the solution P concentrations, sorption of the phenolic acids was highly dependent upon the number (and position) of hydroxyl groups attached to the benzene ring, rather than the distance of the carboxyl group from the benzene ring.
Beta-pleated sheets (strands) are orange arrows pointing from the free amino end to the free carboxyl end.
The carbonyl group and carboxyl group contents of the oxidized starch were determined as described by Kuakpeton and Wang, (2001).
Metal complexed lignosulfonates have also been used as reactive comonomers in the polycondensation reaction because they possess a reactive chemical potential, put into evidence by the presence in their structure of some functional groups like: phenolic and alcoholic hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, sulfonic.
Coating the nanoparticles with a surface-modified carboxyl group decreased the aggregation and enhanced the functionality of the thiamine-doped nanoparticles.
The presence of carboxyl groups and other hydrophilic functionalities makes the polymer a good mucoadhesive.
Harley explained the altered response: "In the present study, lupus patients were shown to make higher concentrations of antibody against the fragments encompassing the amino and carboxyl ends of EBNA-1, while normal EBV-positive controls actually made higher levels of antibody against the middle fragment than did lupus patients" (Arthritis Rheum.
Previous experimental findings [6] also suggest that metal cation binding is mainly governed by weakly acidic carboxyl and phenolic hydroxyl groups, most abundantly present in humic substances.
The Rice researchers extended their experiment by adorning the carbon spheres with simple chemicals, for example, hydroxyl or carboxyl groups.
The matrix accumulates the highest level of mutations in the entire open reading frame; by contrast, the N is modified in the carboxyl terminus, and the H has biased hypermutation in a limited region (5,6).
The content of total phenolic hydroxyl groups in residual lignins, which decreased with decreasing cooking temperature, also correlated well with the bleachability, as measured by the total kappa factor, and functional groups such as copper number and carboxyl group of the bleached pulp.
Ink formulations by mixing anionic water-fast dues containing two or more carboxyl groups formed the subject of another contribution from Hewlett Packard.
Osteocalcin is a protein involved in bone growth, but to do its job properly, it must be saturated with something called carboxyl groups--a process called carboxylation, in which vitamin K is essential.