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Synonyms for carboxyl

the univalent radical -COOH

relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical

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In the spectrum of Schiff base L-3, the asymmetric carboxyl stretching (COO-) was observed at 1640 cm-1 which shifted on complexation at with Cu(II), Pd(II) and Pt(II ) ions at 1643, 1630 and 1636 cm-1, respectively.
CE are enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of carboxyl esters with addition of water and they belong to a/ss- hydrolase family (Junge et al.
The EDC initially reacted with a carboxyl group and then an amine-reactive O-acylisourea intermediate was formed, which was very unstable.
Peaks from 3000 to 2800cm-1 are related to vibration of C-H groups; 2360cm-1 vibration indicates the presence of carboxyl acids due to stretching of the OH group.
Among these three types of nanoparticles, those with the carboxyl groups were taken up by cells and exhibited a strong bone differentiation-inhibitory effect compared to the other types of nanoparticles.
The sharp band observed at 1591 cm-1 confirmed the presence of COO- and assigned to stretching of the carboxyl group.
Effect of the degree of carboxyl neutralization on the dispersivity of polyacrylate sodium.
The effect of increases in the carboxyl group rotation angle, [phi], on the relative stability, [DELTA]E, of the [C.
Since acetyl as well as carboxyl and carbonyl groups are introduced in acetylated-oxidized starch, therefore it demonstrated the highest improvement in swelling power.
Carbon monoxide from the lungs is absorbed in the blood and combines with haemoglobin to form carboxyl haemoglobin which limits the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
Biocatalysts carried out various trials and finally came up with the enzyme Pectinase 872L which works by catalysing the hydrolysis of the methyl ester bonds in pectin, releasing free carboxyl groups.
In this review, the author follows mainly the trail of his studies on four groups of typical enzymes with a catalytic carboxyl group or groups.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) pectin of food grade, (b) lemon salt, carboxyl, edita sodium & sodium benzoate, also (c) mango pulp & apple concentrates.
In this fermentation, bacteria cleave a carboxyl group off of malic acid, yielding lactic acid and C[O.