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an abrasive composed of silicon carbide crystals

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Kinney was to remain with Carborundum until it was sold in 1996, sending 30 years there.
Once the adhesive has set, use a coarse carborundum slip (stone) to sand the adhesive into shape.
Similarly, the edges of hoes and spades will benefit from being sharpened to a reasonably clean edge with a file or carborundum stone.
Carborundum Fibratex CFX unified wheels are available in a range of densities, grits, and thicknesses for deburring, polishing, cleaning, and finishing of metals and composites.
Visitors can see how O'Donoghue's painting is informed by his drawings and carborundum prints and vice versa.
"One of the difficulties of manufacturing a smooth safety surface is that you are forced either to rely solely on the skid-resistant nature of the material itself (such as rubber or smooth vinyl floors) or to embed a skid-resistant material with traction-enhancing grit (such as carborundum or aluminum-oxide chips) that stand a hair's breadth above any moisture to 'claw' into the shoes of passersby, helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls.
In 1937, while experimenting with the printing process as part of the Fine Print Workshop of the Philadelphia Federal Art Project, Thrash discovered a new production method: the carborundum print.
(formerly Carborundum Corp.) in Amherst, N.Y., is the exclusive licensee of a technology for incorporating BN particles in polyolefins and fluoropolymers, for which DuPont received a process patent in 1997.
While with the WPA, Thrash discovered that gritty carborundum crystals, normally employed to remove images from lithograph stones, could also be used on copper plates to make etchings.
In other slip-resistant tiles, the surface can wear down over time, becoming smooth, or the carborundum can become detached, leaving a "pit" in the tile's surface.
5 Joseph Barabe, Westmont, Ill., won fifth prize for his photograph of carborundum polymorph inclusion in glass.
Among his other plays are The Quick and the Dead Quick (produced 1961); Big Soft Nellie (produced 1961), whose witless hero creates chaos in a radio repair shop; Nil Carborundum (produced 1962), about life in the Royal Air Force; and Eh?
In Division One, Clock Face Miners won 2-0 at home while Sutton Junction had a 3-1 win at Eccleston as Knowsley South and Carborundum shared the spoils with a 4-4 draw.
Carborundum peelers can peel up to 5 tons an hour but steam peelers are the answer for companies processing large quantities of frozen chips or potato topping.