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Synonyms for carbonylic

relating to or containing the carbonyl group

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3) showed increasing proportions over time of aromatic groups, the carbonylic region, and a band assigned to C[H.
Changes in molecular characteristics of HAs with time in the BF system gave increasing aromatic properties, increasing carbonylic characteristics, and decreasing amide and sulfone groups.
These include for example six esters, four alcohols, three carbonylic compounds, two acids, two heterocyclic compounds and one aromatic compound.
The following types are chosen: conformers with fully stretched-out (type 1) or bent side chain (type 2), and cyclic conformer (type 3) where the distance between phenolic proton H59 and carbonylic oxygen O25 (d) is less than 3.
In the oxidation of the byproduct in air, some initially existing chromophores could be degraded, including the oxidation of colored carbonylic compounds to colorless carboxylic compounds.