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the bivalent radical CO

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In the FT-IR spectrum showed important bands at 3080-2850 cm-1 aromatic and aliphatic C-H strain, at 1730 cm-1, -OC=O ester carbonyl, at 1610 cm-1, C=C double bond strain belonging to aromatic ring, and the small signal at 3430 cm-1 characterizes the overton band belonging to carbonyl group. 1H-NMR spectrum confirmed structure of CMEMA with important signals at 7.87-6.50 ppm aromatic ring protons, at 4.00 ppm, -OCH2, at 4.1 ppm -OCH2 protons exist on ethyl methacrylate unit on the chain end, the protons belonging to H on the -CH2 at 1.8-2.1 ppm, and -CH3 protons on the side group at 0.8-1.4 ppm.
The OH band characteristic of the polysaccharide at 3300 [cm.sup.-1] disappeared and the band of the carbonyl group of the grafted amide is displaced at lower frequencies in the infrared spectrum in the blends 90/10/1 and 80/20/2 (figure 9), which evidences the presence of new interactions that affects the vibration of these bonds.
The changes seen in the spectra can be attributed to dehydration and complete loss of carbonyl groups.
The carbonyl group maintained the same intensity with tiny fluctuations associated with different thermal treatment conditions.
It may be inferred here that ligand GBA coordinated to metal via nitrogen atom and oxygen atom of carbonyl group in SO2NCO moiety.
Benzofuran ring differently distributed its protons peaks as a function of their position to the lactonized carbonyl group in furanone moiety.
The sharp peak at 1585 cm is referred to C=O stretching mode of carbonyl group from CMC main backbone [1,14].
pe HMBC spectrum revealed pat H-6 (A 3.84 d J=7.2 Hz) was related to pe carbonyl group (A 166.1) of a benzoyloxy moiety while H-7 (A 4.1 dd J=7.2 Hz) to anoper carbonyl group of pe second benzoyloxy moiety (A 171.1).
The present work designed the crosslinking system based on the reaction between the ketone carbonyl group and the primary amino group in protein, which was just like the crosslinking reaction between acrylic resin containing an AAEM functional monomer unit and hexanediamine (18-21) shown in the reaction formula (a) of Fig.
castaneum lipase, it was revealed that he first residue is Ser163 responsible for the nucleophilic attack on the carbonyl group of the TAG, the second one is His367 which acts as a general, the third residue is Asp336 which together with His305 makes a charge-relay system.The His367 is considered very importantbecause the amide groups of its side chain forms two hydrogen bonds: first one with oxygen of side chain of Ser163 and second one with oxygen of side chain of Asp336.
Stereochemistry was determined from docking geometry by examining the orientation of the carbonyl group in relation to the hydride source on the cofactor.
In addition, they demonstrated that the interaction between ligands and metallic center is through an ionic metal-heteroatom bond with the carboxylate group and a coordinated bond with the amide carbonyl group. However, they have not been reported catalytic applications of these organometallic complexes.
The broad peak was spread over the range between 3643 [cm.sup.-1], 632 [cm.sup.-1], 474 [cm.sup.-1] was the stretching vibration of surface hydroxyl group (O[H.sup.-]) whereas the bands assigned to the stretching modes of carbonyl group (CO-) were recorded at about 1464 [cm.sup.-1] and 874 [cm.sup.-1].