carbonyl group

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the bivalent radical CO

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2], HALS is independent of the thickness of PVC, the high carbonyl group of HI is due to its basicity (23), (41), (42).
The presence of the carbonyl groups of MAH in PP is believed to promote heterogeneous nucleation (27), (28).
a] are the molar absorption coefficients for free and associated carbonyl groups, respectively.
1] related to carbonyl groups (namely ester and formate functions) (30).
Figure 5 shows part of the FT-IR spectra and particularly the region of the stretching vibrations of the carbonyl group (C = 0) in SA exposed to different [CO.
The aqueous primer composition comprises a carbonyl group-containing modified epoxy resin (A), a crosslinking agent (B), and a rust preventive pigment (C), and is characterized in that the carbonyl group-containing modified epoxy resin (A) is produced by reacting an amine compound (al) having a carbonyl group and at least one active hydrogen bonded to a nitrogen atom per molecule and an epoxy resin (a2) having two or more epoxy groups per molecule).
hippuric acid-histidine-leucine), whereby the carbonyl group becomes polarized and is subjected to an electrophilic attack.
The shadowy carbonyl group met for the 12th time in June 2004 in Burlington, Vermont to discuss the three families of carbonyl metabolizing enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase, adlehyde dehydrogenase, and carbonyl reductase.
The detection of carbonyl group formation is a standard test for oxidative damage to proteins.
As in the polyester-based TPUs, the carbonyl group is present on both the soft and hard segments, hydrogen bonding can occur between HSs or between hard and soft segments.