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Synonyms for carbonyl

a compound containing metal combined with carbon monoxide

relating to or containing the carbonyl group

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With increasing POA content, the values of [X.sub.[b,UA]] and [X.sub.[o,UA]] for ON37, ON55, and ON73 increase significantly, and the urea carbonyl groups in ON73 and OPU are completely hydrogen-bonded.
In the biodegradation of polyethylene, an initial abiotic step involves oxidation of polymer chain due to the dissolved oxygen or that which is present in the ambient leading to formation of carbonyl groups.
Protein carbonyl levels can increase in response to oxidative stress.
Proteins in muscle foods are prone to oxidation during processing and storage, which leads to loss of amino acids and solubility, changes in texture, formation of carbonyl, alterations in protein functionality and decreased sulfhydryl content [1].
Carbonyl levels verify the oxidation of proteins, which was determined according to Reznick and Packer (1994).
Key statement: Acido-basic properties of a system containing a polymer fragment obtained by oxidative cleavage of a carbon-carbon double bond of a diene rubber polymer and a functional molecule having in a structure thereof an alkoxysilyl group and at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of an aldehyde group and a carbonyl group are changed such that the system becomes basic when acidic, and becomes acidic when basic, thereby combining the polymer fragment with the functional molecule to form a modified diene rubber polymer having an alkoxysilyl group incorporated therein.
In the article titled "Chronic Glucocorticoid-Rich Milieu and Liver Dysfunction" [1], there was an error in Table 3 where the units for GSH should have been those that were mentioned in the "Materials and Methods" under the "Liver Protein Carbonyl Groups and Reduced Glutathione (GSH)." Therefore, the unit should be corrected from nmol/g tissue to [micro]mol/g tissue.
particle size of 1,100 nm for micro-sized and 450 nm for nano-sized magnetite) were obtained from Sigma Aldrich, carbonyl iron powder (CIP)--av.
Some of these compounds, which include carbonyl compounds, cyclohexanone, phenol and isophorone, might be critical when present in higher concentrations in children's toys.
The present study is aimed to explore protein carbonyl content as a biomarker for detecting oxidative DNA damage induced ART toxicity and/or accelerated aging in HIV/AIDS patients.
Also, all the additives included in the experiments to induce polyethylene oxidation inhibit the development of carbonyl groups to some extent [2].
Low molecular carbonyl compounds, existing in the cigarette smoke and automobile exhaust, aroused extensive attention due to their adverse effects on human health [1,2].