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relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon

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To further improve electrical properties of PVDF, or to control its positive or negative temperature coefficient (PTC or NTC) effect, the conductive particles, especially the carbonous materials such as graphite (5), carbon nanotubes (CNTs) (6-8), carbon nanofiber (CNF) (9), (10), and carbon black (CB) (11-19) are used as the tiller to be incorporated to PVDF.
--Layer 3: light-brown layer of marlaceous clay, with many small limestone blocks, numerous scattered carbonous particles, and ceramic materials characteristic of the Early Chalcolithic of Estremadura.
The C[O.sub.2] from combustion of kerogen will be introduced to carbonous C[O.sub.2] but decreasing of that is not possible by mining.
It reeks of carbonous toast crumbs left behind after breakfast, of the kind of bright decor that hides a congenital blindness to what is real.