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turn into carbon, as by burning


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China has developed into a 'carbonizing dragon'," he said.
Okimori Y, Ogawa M, Takahashi F (2003) Potential of C[O.sub.2] emission reduction by carbonizing biomass wastes from industrial tree plantation in South Sumatra, Indonesia.
Tomino K (2008) Organizing of eco-brand system in agricultural crops using carbonizing technology.
The computers may belch out smoke and catch fire in the event that the soldered connectors develop cracks due to heat stress, inducing spark discharges around the cracks and carbonizing the connectors' substrates.
Potential applications of this method for producing CNTs range from new ways to produce polymer matrix composites to new methods for carbonizing steel.
Furan is a natural thermosetting resin from carbonizing corncobs.
This study was conducted to investigate the far-infrared ray emission and electrical properties of woodceramics manufactured from pine sawdust at different carbonizing temperatures and resin impregnation ratios.
This research investigated variations in density, weight loss, shrinkage, and mechanical properties of "woodceramics," as affected by resin impregnation percentage and carbonizing temperature.
A method of carbonizing cellulose-containing plants is disclosed.