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Synonyms for carbonize

turn into carbon, as by burning


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2] emission reduction by carbonizing biomass wastes from industrial tree plantation in South Sumatra, Indonesia.
Tomino K (2008) Organizing of eco-brand system in agricultural crops using carbonizing technology.
Furan is a natural thermosetting resin from carbonizing corncobs.
This study was conducted to investigate the far-infrared ray emission and electrical properties of woodceramics manufactured from pine sawdust at different carbonizing temperatures and resin impregnation ratios.
Lee, who will represent Microtek at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, will discuss the advantages for developers to fully implement Apple's user interface guidelines when carbonizing their software for Mac OS X.
This research investigated variations in density, weight loss, shrinkage, and mechanical properties of "woodceramics," as affected by resin impregnation percentage and carbonizing temperature.
Rosemount Analytical's Process Analytic Division introduced the 3081FG with HART(TM) communications less than two years ago and has already sold hundreds for high temperature combustion applications such as process heaters, reactor furnaces, boiler radiant zones, sulfur recovery furnaces, hazardous waste incinerators, steel reheat furnaces, glass furnaces and carbonizing furnaces.
A method of carbonizing cellulose-containing plants is disclosed.