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turn into carbon, as by burning


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In conjunction, the company's Carbonizer system works by processing organic waste in a negative pressure, no oxygen environment with high heat.
The CtRH, being a smokeless carbonizer, and which uses agricultural waste such as rice hull, is not only environment friendly but is also cost-efficient.
2010 Rice Hull Carbonizer University of Northern Philippine Research Journal Volume XIX.
In this plant design, a carbonizer receives a mixture of dried coal and limestone.
In a statement, the DA-Philrice said the cogeneration of biochar and heat from rice hull has been made possible with the development of the continuous rice hull (CtRH) carbonizer by PhilRice scientist Dr.
Coal will be fed to a pressurized carbonizer for conversion to a low-Btu coal gas and char.
A calcium-based sorbent is used in both the carbonizer and the PFBC to reduce SO[sub.