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the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens)

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Posteriorly, the same test specimens were remarked with copy pencil, seeking to assure the identification and the position of the measures with the caliper after the carbonization process.
After de carbonization, the apparent density of the charcoal was determined, through the volume and weight measurements of the specimens, and the gravimetric yield of carbonization by the reaction between the dry weight of charcoal and the absolutely dry weight of the specimen, before carbonization.
The carbonization yield was measured by heating hardwood lignin powders in the same conditions that fibers were carbonized.
There is also evidence that the ordered columns are hierarchical in nature; optical microscopy of the stalk tissue before carbonization, shown in Figures S1(c)-S1(d) in Supplementary Material available online at http://dx.
In physical method, the carbonization of the carbonaceous materials is carried out at high temperature range of 700-1100 C in inert atmosphere followed by activation with oxidizing gases (activating agents) such as oxygen, steam and CO2.
For companies that haven't captured product dimensions, aren't confident in the accuracy of the data that has been collected, or are unwilling to dedicate the resources required to maintain the information, Morse suggests adding a dimensioning system at the point of carbonization.
He commented on global carbonization policies and its influence on energy prices.
8,871,698 B2; Advanced Biocatalytics Corporation, Irvine, CA, has patented a method of reducing the formation of carbonization and caramelization of organic food or oil residues on a surface.
The station is characterized by the presence of carbonization room that can accommodate up to 200 liters under an atmosphere of nitrogen.
Starbucks' Fizzio Handcrafted Sodas are handcrafted, customizable sodas, which allow consumers to adjust the amount of carbonization in their beverages.
If you have hard water, seltzer might be better because the carbonization can help lift the stain.
The synthesis of hydrochar, a process known as hydrothermal carbonization, is being expanded to coat heavy-metal nanoparticles, such as nano-copper and nano-iron, to prevent surface oxidation.
observed a complete destruction of tobermorite, but noted that the carbonization reaction requires the presence of water for tobermorite to react with H2C[O.
Works include preparing concrete surfaces to effectively receive layers of paint that prevent the decay of concrete due to carbonization and salt factors.