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turn into carbon, as by burning


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The sealing properties of the cap membrane must not be jeopardised, particularly when carbonised beverages or hot liquids are being bottled.
Previously scientists have analysed starches which survive well in carbonised and non-carbonised residues to test for the use of spices in prehistoric cooking.
I haven't created anything else for Abu Dhabi Art as I was specially commissioned to create On a Pulse -- Carbonised.
In Asian countries, rice husk charcoal, which can be carbonised by simple methods in the field soon after harvesting, has been one of the most common materials for soil amendments.
Elaborating further, Jehanzeb said that there are 20 per cent local markets of Beverages in Carbonised Soft Drinks (CSD), 9 per cent.
It is made from wood and carbonised vegetable matter.
One of the cables hit his cheek and carbonised the left side of his body.
Marmot has replaced the fabric in its range of light-and mid-weight base layers with the latest version of Polartec's Power Dry fabric, which contains carbonised coconut fibres from a renewable source.
This carbon rich water is then passed over heated basalt to make carbonised materials.
Researchers found a collection of ancient carbonised figs stored in an 11,400-year-old house in the Jordan Valley.
I had his ashes carbonised, it was his last gift to me," she said, wistfully gazing at the appropriately ugly, garish rock.
It is a new wonder fuel that comes in the shape of a combustible black rock made of carbonised plant matter.
They also found remains of carbonised grain in the excavation, which looks like a Roman heating system.
The area is underlain by Miocene andesitic pyroclastics which often contain carbonised plant fragments.
The unearthed tomb is a vertical earthen pit tomb, which is very common in that period, and because of the ancient nature of the site, the traditionally wooden coffin and body within have long-since carbonised.