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the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens)

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Prereduction experiments of iron oxide pellets for the total smelting reduction process were carried out with coal carbonisation gas [6-8].
It is conceivable that this automatic carbonisation technology is applicable to wheat and barley chaff and other crop plant residues.
Unlike most biomass processes, which require that the materials used be dry, hydrothermal carbonisation actually benefits from the water content of its waste, says Dr Simon Shackley of the Edinburgh-based UK Biochar Research Centre.
As already mentioned, the escape of low-molecular components in the first stage of the process significantly decreases the carbonisation residue.
Running-on occurs because of high combustion temperatures caused by defects such as over-advanced ignition timing or excessive carbonisation. An anti run-on valve fitted to the engine prevents fuel being drawn into the engine once it is switched off.
The test measured four aspects of the quality of the drink over a long period: colour, decrease of ascorbic acid, carbonisation level and taste.
Mr Cook said consultant Dr Arun Mukherjee reported that there was strong evidence to suggest working in coal carbonisation was associated with more than an expected incidence of cancer but more research was needed.
The Vane Tempest site in Seaham, County Durham, was a former colliery and included stockpiles of colliery spoil, railways sidings and a coal carbonisation plant.
According to Hexcel, its new carbon fibre facility will occupy a 37-acre site at the Osiris Chemicals Industry Platform in Roussillon and will be comprised of both polymerisation and carbonisation lines.
The problem is caused by carbonisation on the switch contacts that can lead to the electric current being interrupted and Kia stresses that the problem doesn't affect the braking performance or the operation of anti-lock brakes.
Thus, we installed a pilot carbonisation plant for sugarcane bagasse on Miyako Island in Japan and collected operational data from the plant (Shinogi and Kameyama 2007; Ueno et al.
The court heard Emily did not die of the injuries she suffered in the crash, but of carbonisation.
Intended primarily to serve the fastener markets, the new furnace line will provide carburising and carbonisation capability to meet the growing demand for these treatments.
Biomass can also be converted into carbonised material by hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC), and the final solid product of this process is termed 'hydrochar' (Titirici et al.