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the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens)

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2010) examines some of the principle differences in corn stover char produced by hydrothermal carbonisation (250[degrees]C at 4MPa for 4h) and thermal carbonisation (550[degrees]C, heating rate 40[degrees]C/min, for 15 min).
Unlike most biomass processes, which require that the materials used be dry, hydrothermal carbonisation actually benefits from the water content of its waste, says Dr Simon Shackley of the Edinburgh-based UK Biochar Research Centre.
As already mentioned, the escape of low-molecular components in the first stage of the process significantly decreases the carbonisation residue.
The test measured four aspects of the quality of the drink over a long period: colour, decrease of ascorbic acid, carbonisation level and taste.
The CO2 is typically used in applications such as carbonisation of beverages, carbon dioxide snow for the wine industry, waste water treatment instead of using acids, and in public swimming pools.
The problem is caused by carbonisation on the switch contacts that can lead to the electric current being interrupted and Kia stresses that the problem doesn't affect the braking performance or the operation of anti-lock brakes.
Les flammes violentes ont, en effet, occasionne la carbonisation de plus de 100 hectares et la perte des plantations diverses dont regorge cette localite reculee.
In 1986, the 'Technical Research Association for Multiuse of Carbonized Materials' (TRA) was established with government support, and studies on the multiuse of charcoal and wood vinegar were performed, including improvement of carbonisation technology, soil amendments in agriculture and forestry, activation of microorganisms, and water purification.
Although lime mortars are considered the appropriate material for use in the repair of our built heritage, the composition of the mortar makes it sensitive to extreme weather conditions, especially frost, until the carbonisation process or setting has completely finished.
The court heard Emily did not die of the injuries she suffered in the crash, but of carbonisation.
QUICKLY raise to a high 45-degree angle and pour right down the centre of the glass - down the side will trap the natural carbonisation and results in a flat, gassy tasting beer
Mr Cook said consultant Dr Arun Mukherjee reported that there was strong evidence to suggest working in coal carbonisation was associated with more than an expected incidence of cancer but more research was needed.
Intended primarily to serve the fastener markets, the new furnace line will provide carburising and carbonisation capability to meet the growing demand for these treatments.
The process was self-perpetuating as the gas was used for heating tar tanks and for firing carbonisation ovens, which would generate more gas.