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turn into a carbonate

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treat with carbon dioxide

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5 ounce refillable carbonator, which comes with the DrinkMate, will be available for refill anywhere the DrinkMate is sold, MSRP $14.
The Carbonator weighs 20 pounds, measures 74 inches from hub to hub and is covered in Micro-Fiber fabric.
Two new models, the Tom Taker and the Carbonator, feature Ameristep's NS3 MICRO-TECH fabric--a fleece-like finish that's quieter than previous fabrics.
The unique appliance features patented carbonator pressure technology of the Heineken DraughtKeg and Heineken Premium Light DraughtKeg, resulting in a chilled draught beer experience at home, the company says.
The unique appliance features stylish design characteristics and dispenses authentic draught beer thanks to the patented carbonator pressure technology of the Heineken DraughtKeg and Heineken Premium Light DraughtKeg.
even sells Double-Cola concentrate regularly to a loyal California musician who has his own carbonator and makes his own in-home fountain drinks (DeSpain 2001).
The tour will feature demonstrations of its agglomerator, enrober, pan coating, tableting, carbonator and botthing capabilities.
The passage reads: "Copper and copper alloys such as brass may not be used in contact with a food that has a pH below 7, such as vinegar, fruit juice or wine, or for a fitting installed between a backflow prevention device and a carbonator.
The system includes a soda maker, a CO2 carbonator, a reusable bottle and over 150 flavor options.
Operated by a refillable CO2 carbonator, a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker allows consumers to easily create sparkling water in an instant and customize it to their taste.
Likewise, retailers are "interested" in the consumers who return to their stores to replenish the syrups and the carbonator.