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saturation with carbon dioxide (as soda water)

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SodaStream is a home beverage carbonation systems manufacturer sparkling water brand and manufacturer and distributor of sparkling water makers.
Solidia Cement, which is silicate-based and has a low-calcium content, gains strength through carbonation instead of hydration.
The concrete quality will very much influence the carbonation rate.
In the study, published on the public access journal PLOS ONE, the Monell researchers examined the role that bubbles play in carbonation bite.
Mastrad previewed its new carbonation product, called PureFizz, at this year's International Home + Housewares Show in March.
MCI-2019 blocks carbonation and chloride ion intrusion and helps protect against acid and chemical attack.
2] present in the atmosphere on the properties of mastic cement--the so-called carbonation of concrete (Bob, Afana 1993; Dhir et al.
Flavor and fizz are key factors -- the tongue swells in space, affecting the tastebuds, while lower carbonation is needed.
A fizzy ocean, similar in carbonation to Perrier, may feed the plumes of water vapor, gas and ice that erupt from the moon, a new model suggests.
Liman cited studies going back as far as 1885 that found carbonation dramatically reduced the growth of bacteria.
The carbonation process stops when the yeast either runs out of food or is encouraged to go dormant.
According to Alfa Laval, the RJM is equally effective mixing liquids and powders, de-aeration and carbonation thanks to its unique 3600 mixing capabilities.
You can use the principle of carbonation to make a group of raisins bob, jump and dance in a glass of pop like they're at a party
2] sequestration by mineral carbonation, considering both natural minerals [1, 2] and alkali wastes [3-5] as C[O.
Formulated to provide superior durability, the product has anti-concrete carbonation properties, and low chemical reactivity, thus enabling it to offer superior concrete protection and help reduce maintenance costs, according to Jotun.