carbonated water

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effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide

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Jamiolahmady, "Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Carbonated Water Injection (CWI) for improved oil recovery and C[O.sub.2] Storage," in Proceedings of the SPE EUROPEC/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, Vienna, Austria.
And we performed a shower with tap water on one side and carbonated water on the other side with 38 degrees centigrade for two minutes.
Ten minutes before taking the glucose tolerance beverage, subjects drank either 240 milliliters (ml) of diet soda or 240 ml of carbonated water. With both the diet soda and carbonated water, the rise in blood glucose was similar.
Perrier did much the same with the naturally carbonated water that bubbled up near his home in the Languedoc.
* Carbonated water was invented in 1776 by the English scientist Joseph Priestley.
But, as the decades passed, his carbonated water became popular in cities and towns for its enjoyable taste and later as the main ingredient of sodas, sparkling wines, and all variety of carbonated drinks.
ICE-CREAM GLOSSARY n Ice-cream soda: A mixture of carbonated water, syrup and icecream.
Carbonated water, the primary ingredient of these three Jewish champagnes, appeared first in European spas as a medicinal drink.
It also produces carbonated water under the brand name Crystal.
Yellow ink, black ink and cyan have a lower resistance when subjected to carbonated water. When treated with soap colour changes occur with regard to yellow ink.
The soda is made from Pur Java liquid coffee concentrate, carbonated water, pure cane sugar, sodium benzoate and phosphoric acid.
Here is one of the 'easy' questions questions from 1990: The ingredients in lemonade are: A) carbonated water B) sugar C) glucose syrup D) citric acid E) flavourings F) acidity regulator (sodium citrate) G) preservative (sodium benzoate) H) artificial sweetener (Saccharin) Use the list of ingredients above to help you to answer this question: Which is the substance in lemonade which (i) could be fermented into alcohol?
The pipe spews a continuous fountain of carbonated water 40 m (131 ft) into the air.
The saliva acts as an anesthetic and contains an anticoagulant that causes an allergic reaction in humans--hence the bump and redness." Recommended activities include making a simple compass, having students try to be "human stopwatches" to see how good they are at estimating time, to making raisins "dance" on carbonated water since the carbon dioxide in the water tends to collect on their uneven surfaces.
Other ingredients of 180 Red include carbonated water, sucrose, guarana and vitamins B-6, B-12 and C.