carbonated water

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effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide

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a major supermarket chain operator, which sells its private brand carbonated water Top Value, saws August sales increase 20 percent over the same month in 2008.
Among the samples printed with UV ink the lowest resistance is detected in yellow ink when treated with carbonated water.
Pennine Spring, a naturally flavoured still or carbonated water, and Fruit Juice H2O, a flavoured water marketed at children are both being launched in spring while still water brand Drench has just been launched.
Diet soda contains: carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame (NutraSweet) or sucralose (Splenda), phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, citric acid and caffeine.
So Todd partnered with friend Greg Stroh, a member of the Stroh's beer family, to concoct a drink made solely of fruit juice and carbonated water.
Add the concentrate, available in many flavours, to the carbonated water and you're in business.
Phosphoric and citric acids, natural juices and carbonated water contribute to the acidity of pops.
So a drink made of carbonated water, organic sugar and natural flavourings can be labelled organic although only the sugar is organic.
Danone has also been associated since June 2000 on the bottled water market in Poland with the world's third group, San Benedetto, with which it established the Polska Woda joint venture producing still and carbonated water.
I also confessed to carrying bottles of mineral water when I go on walks, and to imbibing carbonated water from time to time with meals.
The gas forms carbonated water, like soda, that bubbles up into the lake bottom.
When Dessirier and his colleagues coated one-half of the tongues of 20 people with an inhibitor of the enzyme, 17 of them felt less fizz on the treated side when they tasted carbonated water.
9 million, while sales of carbonated water and club soda declined 1.
Scottish Nuclear admitted that affected bottles of carbonated water and fizzy drinks might already be on shop shelves.
Afri-Cola was made from carbonated water, sugar, colour (caramel), phosphoric and malic acids, caffeine and natural flavourings.