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having carbonation (especially artificially carbonated)

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But just because a student can't buy carbonated drinks at his or her school doesn't mean they won't buy and drink them at home or outside school.
He said that PSQCA is working under the administrative control of Ministry of Science and Technology has a mandate to monitor the quality of carbonated beverages.
About 44% students did not experience ill effects of consuming carbonated drinks while 56% experienced ill-effects of consuming carbonated beverages, among those hyperacidity 41% was the main ill effects they encounter after consuming carbonated drinks followed by belching 38%, nausea 11%, and sleep disturbance 10%.
Distributed into four groups, these samples were submerged into different carbonated drinks (Pepsi, carbonated juice-Big Apple, Sports drink-Sting, control group-natural saliva) each for 5min, in 4 cycles per day (6hours apart) for 15 days.
Children and teenagers remain an important target group for carbonated soft drinks.
On the other side, Indian carbonated drinks market has declined by 15-20 per cent in the last three year as consumers are becoming more health conscious and are embracing non carbonated alternatives of beverage.
Half (50%) of consumers consider carbonated soft drinks as just a treat, with a high proportion of carbonated soft drinks consumers (67%) expressing the desire to purchase diet or low-calorie drinks and 75% looking to buy drinks with natural ingredients.
Steaz Green Tea Soda is slightly less carbonated than traditional soft drinks but is very flavorful.
Carbonated beverages are the staff of life in the United States.
And with QuickCarb technology the switch from carbonated to non-carbonated beverages takes only a moment.
Some of the gas reacts with water, forming carbonic acid, [H.sub.2]C[O.sub.3], the same weak acid that appears in carbonated drinks.
The gas forms carbonated water, like soda, that bubbles up into the lake bottom.