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sauce for pasta

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Carbonara is one of my favourite Italian dishes and I wasn't disappointed.
"He was our founder of Marmion lacrosse, and I played under him," Carbonara said.
Carbonara can be quite thick and claggy but to thin it out a bit and loosen the sauce off slightly I'm adding some of the cooking water to it, which makes a huge difference.
"On our Mandarin menu, it doesn't just say carbonara, it explains what a carbonara is.
How many restaurants in the Metro would import guanciale for their carbonara? Actually, how many restaurants know how to and would serve the real Carbonara?
Pasta dishes include veal carbonara, ricotta gnocchi and porcini mushroom ravioli.
So once a week, you can't help but have a BLT or you want carbonara with ano (bacon),' she enthused.
In the latest list of top 10 instant noodles, Lienesch placed "TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle,"a product of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor in eighth place.
It was a bit of a random selection: a carrot and ginger soup to start with, followed by spaghetti carbonara but having walked past the sushi station on our way in we couldn't help but order some maki -- the spicy tuna maki and the caterpillar roll.
While Giorgio's passion for food - as he makes a traditional Roman fish soup and an authentic spaghetti carbonara - is deliciously infectious.
Carbonara means that the pasta comes coated with bacon or pancetta, cheese, and egg yolks or cream.
CREAMY CHICKEN CARBONARA Try this recipe as a tasty variant on the incredibly popular spaghetti carbonara which is, of course, normally made with bacon.
An abstract ceiling installation resembling coral with amorphous lamps anchors the jet-black bar near the entrance, while a cave-like nest coddles guests feasting on carbonara and burgers in the back.
CREAM IN CARBONARA FIRST Mary Berry cooked up storm when she suggested using white wine in her bolognese, now Nigella Lawson has been slammed for using cream in a carbonara recipe she posted on her Facebook page.