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Synonyms for carbonado

an inferior dark diamond used in industry for drilling and polishing

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a piece of meat (or fish) that has been scored and broiled

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Regina Chulam, Bandeira--Vale o que esta escrito, 2006, 150x200 cm, Colagem e desenho 'carbonado' sobre madeira.
Beyond the references to Alleyn's most famous of roles, Dekker also echoes Tamburlaine's threat to Bajazeth, "Take it up, villain, and eat it, or I will make thee slice the brawns of thy arms into carbonadoes and eat them" (1Tam, 4.4.43-45).
The dimpled ceramic Carbonado lamp from Uttermost is finished in a distressed ivory glaze with blue-beige undertones, silver leaf accents and a crystal foot.
Survivors include two daughters, Judith Manning of Eugene and Nancy Rusk of Carbonado, Wash.; and a brother, Harry of Santa Maria, Calif.
[...] Provavelmente devem estes a sua singular cor a uma dissolucao de hidrogenio carbonado, a riqueza da vegetacao tropical e a multiplicidade de plantas que lhe cobrem o leito (HUMBOLDT, 1950b, p.
R & R Construction, R & R Construction Inc., 18228 273rd Ave E., Carbonado, WA 98323.