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relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon

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These spectra are also intriguingly similar to those of carbonaceous (carbon-containing) meteorites, supporting the idea that some ISM organic material has been preserved and delivered to the Earth by primitive solar-system bodies.
In steel, for instance, a carbonaceous addition to the sand is necessary to prevent iron oxide formation and chemical penetration.
No one has yet looked for similar excesses in other carbonaceous chondrites.
They deduced that, early in the solar system's existence, the ratio of aluminum-26 to its stable sister isotope, aluminum-27, had been the same in ordinary chondrites as in the much rarer carbonaceous chondrites.
* increasing pouring temperature - hotter metal tends to dissolve the carbonaceous material;
Finally, Hunten suggests that Jupiter truly is dry and its core was built from a class of primitive me teorites, carbonaceous chondrites, that contain little water.
Structural properties tests provide information on sand composition, such as the amount of clay and the amount of carbonaceous material in the sand.
To study the early solar system, the researchers examined samples of the most primitive type of meteorite known-type I carbonaceous chondrites, or CI chondrites.
These include the addition of water, bond, new sand and carbonaceous material.
The recent reports offer data supporting the contention that the spherical carbonaceous shells, known to occur naturally on Earth, can also form in the inky void of space.
If, however, carbon or carbonaceous refractories are used in the safety tuyere and the well, oxygen in the blast air can consume the carbon and cause a potential problem.