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Synonyms for carbon copy

Synonyms for carbon copy

a copy made with carbon paper


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There is so much ignorance in top management and boards of directors: All the big companies seem to be led by accountants and lawyers and become moribund carbon-copy versions of each other.
And the sleek design and polished metal craftsmanship make a bold statement in a world of ordinary, carbon-copy plastic earphones.
A SERIAL cat killer has left five pets dead in carbon-copy attacks using car anti-freeze.
Robert Thompson of Syracuse University's Center for the Study of Popular Television says critics would've carped just as much had this season been a carbon-copy of the first.
The triplets do not share carbon-copy symptoms of Tourette's disorder, note Nancy L.
Williams struck again with an angled drive, but Le Fondre hit his stride with two carbon-copy strikes into the corner.
OPEN fall guy Jean Van de Velde lost his European Tour card yesterday - in a carbon-copy of his Carnoustie cock-up.