carbon tetrachloride

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a colorless nonflammable liquid used as a solvent for fats and oils

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Distinct roles of tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] and nitric oxide in acute liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride in mice.
The main cause of the damage to the ozone layer was demonstrated to be the human use of several groups of halogenated hydrocarbon chemicals including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) and methyl bromide, in varied applications such as refrigerants.
It is also observed that the effect of Sodium Carbonate, Benzene, Toluene and Carbon tetrachloride is negligible on both the matrix and composite.
Davis noted that the use of hazardous materials like perchloroethylene (PCE) or carbon tetrachloride in manufacturing or research and development has frequently created a waste management issue.
Other in-organics, including heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites (fertilizer run-off), drug residue and organic chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride (discharge from chemical plants) are also of concern.
Acetone nail varnish remover Acetic acid vinegar Ammonia cleaning agent Arsenic ant poison Benzene petrol fumes Carbon monoxide exhaust fumes Carbon tetrachloride dry cleaning fluid DDT insecticide Formaldehyde embalming fluid Hydrogen cyanide industrial pollutant Hydrogen sulphide stink bombs Lead batteries, petrol fumes Methanol rocket fuel Nicotine insecticide Polonium-210 radioactive fallout Radon radioactive gas Sulphuric acid power station emissions Tars road surface tar Caesium heavy metal Ethanol anti-freeze
Dr Ed Ramsey, who is lead-ing the research by the Uni-versity of Glamorgan team, said, "Traditional methods to determine the levels of oil and grease in water have relied on the use of ozone-depleting substances to complete the measurement of harmful solvents like CFCs or carbon tetrachloride.
Therefore, FDTS shows superior stiction reduction and thermal stability, and is more practical for industrial use, because the FDTS formation does not require any chlorinated solvents such as carbon tetrachloride.
Greenpeace found that perc breaks down into the toxic byproducts phosgene, vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride and trichloroacetic acid (TCA).
The shallow groundwater and sediments beneath the TNX Area are contaminated with dissolved and residual chlorinated volatile organic compounds including trichloroethylene (TCE), carbon tetrachloride (CCL4), and perchloroethylene (PCE).
LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE - Decades ago, JPL workers routinely poured toxic chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride and rocket fuel residue down sinks at the lab.
Perez-Tamayo, MD, PhD, elaborated on the subject of regression of cirrhosis 2 decades ago when he reported on his work and that of others in experimental cirrhosis in mice induced by carbon tetrachloride or low-protein diet with 20% alcohol.
In their liquid jet experiments, Suslick's team charted the progress of a standard reaction used in ultrasound chemistry experiments--the formation of triiodide from iodide in a solution of water and carbon tetrachloride.
In one project, EMSL researchers are using them to discover how carbon tetrachloride is destroyed when it is converted to methane gas during cleanup.