carbon paper

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a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon)


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"I would take order books and carbon paper home and set up my office.
Without the information sent by their counterpart in France, the package could have gone past the customs' scanners undetected since a carbon paper could effectively hide the real contents of a package, he said.
The MPCC that provide larger surface area than the carbon paper have been investigated.
The prints were obtained by having each person stand with their feet on sheets of special carbon paper, carbon side down, to create an image of the shape of the foot on plain graphed white paper.
In the "Sans Titre" series, canvases are covered with carbon paper without text, just as in "Frames," 2000- (not in the exhibition), the borders of carpets are shown with their centers cut away.
The amount was in the form of sheets of carbon paper bearing the image of dollar notes.
When the design is completed, it is transferred to the mat board with carbon paper. The next step is to transfer the design components to the polyfoam.
A Revenue and Customs team found the pounds 5million haul in boxes lined with carbon paper in an attempt to evade detection by X-ray scanning equipment.
Pointing to the Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two as one shining example to follow, Judge Griffen wrote: "I do not understand why it makes sense for our appellate process, in which lawyers and judges no longer rely upon carbon paper, manual typewriters, and liquid paper for preparing briefs and opinions, to operate as if the Internet does not exist and word processing was science fiction."
All you need is a sheet of 3/4" exterior-grade plywood (smooth finish on one side), a pencil, a black marker, exterior acrylic latex paint (various colors), some carbon paper and a paper pattern of the character you want to create.
This sensor system, which records nip width, renders obsolete time-consuming and inexact tools such as carbon paper and embossed foils.
Outthrows can include carbon paper, photographs and pressure-sensitive labels such as mailing labels.
IN 1981, when Susan Allen began work as a part-time clerical assistant at Alderman's Green Primary School she worked on a typewriter with carbon paper.
The current laboratory-scale prototypes use materials that aren't sturdy enough to be used in a commercial system, such as carbon paper and carbon cloth electrodes.
Zircosil beads are medium-density new micro milling media, excellent for dispersion and micro fine milling of calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, low and high viscous auto and allied paints, dyes, pigments, printing inks, colors, enamels, coatings for magnetic tapes, thermal paper, carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, photocopier toners, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuff and a host of many other hard and soft substances.