carbon nanotube

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a fullerene molecule having a cylindrical or toroidal shape


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Until then, mass production remains one of the bigger unresolved problems for carbon nanotube technology, said Benji Maruyama, who leads the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory.
What makes this possible are the unique properties of carbon nanotubes: a large surface area that is strong, conductive and heat-resistant.
The other reaction for the covalent functionalization of 2ME onto COCl functionalized carbon nanotube is shown in Scheme 2 (COCl mechanism) [64].
Hannongbua, Molecular dynamics properties of varying amounts of the anticancer drug gemcitabine inside an open-ended single-walled carbon nanotube, Chem.
The carbon nanotube lines have high toughness, good pressure-sensitive properties, and excellent electrical and thermal properties [7].
In order to overcome this problem, we designed the artificial skin of carbon nanotube [10] lines based on mesh models.
Atala, "Carbon nanotube applications for tissue engineering," Biomaterials, vol.
Dai, "Preparation of carbon nanotube bioconjugates for biomedical applications," Nature Protocols, vol.
Oh et al., "Carbon nanotube (CNT)-based composites as electrode material for rechargeable Li-ion batteries," Composites Science and Technology, vol.
[2] have reported that hybrid carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene nanostructures applied in lithium-ion batteries were directly grown by ambient pressure CVD; methane was introduced to form graphene on copper foils at 950[degrees]C, and then Fe catalysts were deposited on graphene/copper foils by e-beam evaporation, and ethylene was next introduced to grow pillar CNTs on graphene/ copper foil at 750[degrees]C.
Fujitsu Laboratories has now developed a process for manufacturing carbon nanotubes, a material known for its high thermal conductivity in a cylindrical structure, and in which the combination of process temperature and pressure is precisely controlled to grow dense, uniform arrays of perpendicularly oriented carbon nanotubes.
Carbon nanotubes are a type of nanotechnology material in which carbon atoms are formed into a cylinder with a diameter of a few nanometers.
Mylvaganam and Zhang have shown that this technology has the capability of bouncing off a bullet with body armor comprising six layers of carbon nanotube yarns, each of 100 um thickness, and muzzle energy of 320 J [6].
The filter is built around ( carbon nanotubes , which are made of carbon atoms formed in hexagonal structure that in create a tube shape.
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