carbon monoxide gas

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an odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon

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The sickle-cell mutation bumps up production of a protein called heme oxygenase-1, which helps make carbon monoxide gas.
THE engineer responsible for a groundbreaking carbon monoxide gas detection system has been lauded by his peers.
FIVE teenagers have been found dead in a motel after being poisoned by carbon monoxide gas.
The children died after carbon monoxide gas seeped into their chalet at the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel in Corfu in October 2006.
FITCHBURG - A malfunctioning oil burner sent elevated levels of carbon monoxide gas through a Townsend Street duplex yesterday morning, and four people - including a 9-month-old - were taken to a hospital for evaluation, a fire official said.
After an investigation using specialist equipment, no traces of carbon monoxide gas were found and the building was re-opened at around 4pm.
After an investigation, no traces of carbon monoxide gas were found and the building was handed back to Nationwide staff around 4pm.
This allowed lethal carbon monoxide gas from the boiler to escape into the room.
Barbeques and charcoal heaters also generate carbon monoxide gas so be sure to never use either of these indoors or in enclosed areas including tents.
Other top indoor air threats include radon gas, which seeps into basements through foundation cracks, and carbon monoxide gas (from malfunctioning furnaces or auto exhaust).
They infused small amounts of carbon monoxide gas into a welding gas, then used a low-power laser at just the right frequency to cause molecules of the gas to vibrate.
Couple this with the growing number of exhaust devices that vent not only furnaces and water heaters, but kitchens, bathrooms, and clothes dryers, and you help create negative air pressure inside the home -- a perfect situation to draw carbon monoxide gas right back into your energy-efficient structure, and to trap the polluted air inside.
was filled with carbon monoxide gas as the family slept.
A terrible sickness, which like carbon monoxide gas, poisons quietly without raising an alarm.