carbon monoxide gas

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an odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon

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Gas Safe Register, which sent an officer to investigate, found the flue from the gas fire had been removed from just below the level of the loft, allowing poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the loft space.
One of a number of lines of enquiry we are considering is that carbon monoxide gas may have been present in the property.
London, May 19 ( ANI ): The Turkey police have arrested three persons involved in the Soma mine explosion, on account of multiple deaths due to the entry of carbon monoxide gas into the tunnels.
Tuesday's disaster occurred when an explosion sent deadly carbon monoxide gas into the mine's tunnels while 787 men were working underground.
carboxyhaeglobin was found in their blood and alleged that poisoning with carbon monoxide gas from the heater caused their death.
He was visiting a friend's home in Long Island when carbon monoxide gas seeped into the guest house where Gerulaitis was sleeping.
Like any internal combustion engine, a generator engine exhausts carbon monoxide gas, which can give you a headache, knock you out or even kill you.
The reason for death was due to suffocation as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide gas derived from the heating tools.
Carbon monoxide gas is silent and odourless and experts say even the most modern-looking fire can be lethal if it is badly fitted, or poorly serviced or maintained.
When Fiz is found in a coma, she is rushed to hospital where doctors discover she has breathed in lethal carbon monoxide gas.
A SCOTS scientist hopes to use deadly carbon monoxide gas to cure victims of heart disease.
An inquest held into Miss Woodhams' death in Norwich heard the charcoal barbecue they had used to cook on filled their tent with toxic carbon monoxide gas overnight after they had brought it inside.
You can also have your level of carbon monoxide gas monitored and many people feel very encouraged by being able to see the progress they are making; as they see the fall in carbon monoxide in their body when they stop smoking.
Harbin, Safar 23, 1433, Jan 17, 2012, SPA -- One person was killed and 31 others injured following a carbon monoxide gas leak in a steel company in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang province, late Monday night, local authorities confirmed Tuesday.
TALOQAN (PAN): Five people died after inhaling carbon monoxide gas produced by coal they were burning to heat their room in the northern province of Takhar, officials said on Friday.