carbon monoxide gas

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an odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon

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Gas analysers are used in plants to obtain data on oxygen and carbon monoxide gas concentrations that are needed to optimise the air-fuel ratio, thereby reducing energy consumption and helping to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.
In our study, we found that as the duration of exposure to carbon monoxide gas increased, both COHb levels and cardiotoxicity increased and neurological effects were more common.
"Another food business was found to be operating in unsafe conditions because poorly designed and maintained equipment was causing the release of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas.
He said, "When charcoal burns, it releases carbon monoxide gas. This has no taste or smell but can be lethal as it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the heart, brain and other organs of oxygen.
The investigation in many cases of suffocation for those locked up in the cars revealed that poisonous carbon monoxide gas inhaled was a result of combustion of organic materials like timber, plastic or petroleum products.
The report also added that an order for carbon monoxide gas detectors was placed.
Burning charcoal, running cars and the smoke from cigarettes also produce carbon monoxide gas.
Using ALMA's remarkable sensitivity and resolution, the astronomers made the most detailed measurements ever of the motion of carbon monoxide gas in the galaxy's narrow eyelid features.
They used the Atacama Large Millimeter Array telescope in northern Chile to detect very low levels of carbon monoxide gas around the star, in amounts that are consistent with the comets in our own solar system.
A constant amount of carbon monoxide gas was injected five times and the concentration of carbon monoxide gas was measured.
Carbon monoxide gas is freezing onto tiny dust grains orbiting the stellar duo.
DAVID Cameron will come under pressure this week to do more to prevent British tourists being killed by carbon monoxide gas.
The man in his 20s, was working in a manhole, when he was overcome by carbon monoxide gas fumes.
Gas Safe Register, which sent an officer to investigate, found the flue from the gas fire had been removed from just below the level of the loft, allowing poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the loft space.
"One of a number of lines of enquiry we are considering is that carbon monoxide gas may have been present in the property.