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04 mol) of anhydrous carbon disulfide and the reaction mixture was again cooled in an ice bath before adding carbon disulfide.
011mol carbon disulfide was slowly added dropwise to the vessel of the mixture with stirring under 30C.
75 ml of purified carbon disulfide was added followed by 1.
As shown in Table 2, the order of extraction capacity for Huadian oil shale was chloroform > carbon disulfide > methanol > toluene > n-hexane.
Carbon disulfide, a by-product of metabolism found in the breath of many mammals, stimulates a subset of cells in the mouse nose, scientists report in a paper to appear in the Aug.
The researchers' studies showed that the GC-D necklace subsystem responds to carbon disulfide, a chemical ingredient in rodent breath and that mice unable to detect that component of rodent breath failed to adjust their food selections after interacting with a "demonstrator" mouse that had just eaten chow seasoned with either cinnamon or cocoa.
The factory to produce viscose fiber for textiles and non woven fabrics is equipped with supporting facilities including a 12-megawatt power plant, a sulfuric acid plant with a capacity of 300 tons per day and a carbon disulfide (CS2) factory using environmentally friendly feedstock natural gas.
The process turns the woody fiber into the super-soft fabric buyers associate with bamboo, but it also requires carbon disulfide and bleaching to achieve--all chemicals linked to serious health problems.
Dimethyl sulfide, the substance that got me on this track, can add notes of quince or truffle, and it seems to be a prime ingredient in the "cooked corn" aromas fans associate with wellaged wines; 3-mercaptohexylacetate (3-MHA) can put passion fruit in your Sauvignon Blanc; dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) can contribute asparagus (and some of us like that); carbon disulfide can smell downright sweet.
Jean-Martin Charcot for carbon disulfide neurotoxicity), to multiple pitiable descriptions of the victims of industrial progress (e.
Formulations have been developed for neutralizing malathion, hydrogen cyanide, sodium cyanide, butyl isocyanate, carbon disulfide, phosgene gas, capsaicin in commercial pepper spray, chlorine gas, anhydrous ammonia gas; hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, methyl bromide, boron trichloride, fluorine, tetraethyl pyrophosphate, phosphorous trichloride, arsine, and tungsten hexafluoride.
Injecting a carbon disulfide (CS2) blank, which ensures that the system is clean of any residue.
The study team reported that additional neurotoxic compounds such as benzene, chlorinated solvents, and carbon disulfide, among others, were released in unknown quantities by the asphalt terminal and hot-mix asphalt plant.
Carbon disulfide was the only volatile sulfur compound whose levels were reduced by using irradiation.
The key technical factor in this process is the choice of the solvent: the best being carbon disulfide (Nassau, 1972), a very volatile, poisonous, potentially explosive and carcinogenic fluid.