carbon disulfide

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a toxic colorless flammable liquid (CS2)

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As shown in Table 2, the order of extraction capacity for Huadian oil shale was chloroform > carbon disulfide > methanol > toluene > n-hexane.
Special nasal cells called GC-D cells seem to respond to the carbon disulfide in rodent breath, experiments by Munger and his colleagues reveal.
Formulations have been developed for neutralizing malathion, hydrogen cyanide, sodium cyanide, butyl isocyanate, carbon disulfide, phosgene gas, capsaicin in commercial pepper spray, chlorine gas, anhydrous ammonia gas; hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, methyl bromide, boron trichloride, fluorine, tetraethyl pyrophosphate, phosphorous trichloride, arsine, and tungsten hexafluoride.
The study team reported that additional neurotoxic compounds such as benzene, chlorinated solvents, and carbon disulfide, among others, were released in unknown quantities by the asphalt terminal and hot-mix asphalt plant.
Carbon disulfide was the only volatile sulfur compound whose levels were reduced by using irradiation.
Chemical and physical agents that are reproductive hazards for women in the workplace include: cancer treatment drugs (health care workers, pharmacists); certain ethylene glycol ethers (electronic and semiconductor workers); carbon disulfide (viscose rayon workers); lead (battery makers, solderers, welders, radiator repairers, bridge repainters, firing range workers, home remodelers); ionizing radiation such as X-ray and gamma rays (health care workers, dental personnel, atomic workers); and strenuous physical labor (many types of workers).
The PELs for the following 20 chemicals will be the first to be addressed: carbon disulfide, carbon monoxide, chloroform, dimethyl sulfate, epichlorohydrin, ethylene dichloride, glutaraldehyde, n-hexane, 2-hexanone, hydrazine, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and compounds, mercury and compounds, nitrogen dioxide, perchloroethylene, sulfur dioxide, toluene, toluene diisocyanate, trimellitic anhydride, vinyl bromide.
By studying light given off by the splattering gases, scientists have discovered some pretty stinky stuff in Jupiter's atmosphere: chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide (a poisonous gas that smells like rotten eggs) and carbon disulfide.
One of the major improvements at the Lowland site is an increased ability to recover and reuse raw materials - such as sodium sulfate and carbon disulfide ([CS.
Standards have been set for such reproductive toxicants as lead and ethylene oxide, and studies are under way on ethyl alcohol, carbon disulfide and aspirin, as well as Vitamin A.
Regarding the planned scope of services in accordance with the Occupational Safety Regulations for Safety and Health at Work DGUV 101-004 or the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances Technical Rule 524 heard the recovery of waste, the gutting and deconstruction of contaminated buildings, multi-storey buildings with remnants of production and exhaust chimneys on an area of 6 ha in accordance with the hazard from flammable, explosive and toxic substances, in particular carbon disulfide.
Because of its low boiling point and good penetrability in pores of solid fossils such as coals and oil shales, carbon disulfide ([CS.
Studies were subsequently conducted to examine the loss of auditory sensitivity due to organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, styrene, n-hexane, trichloroethylene, carbon disulfide, petroleum, and mixed solvents (Chang et al.
Disk drive manufacturers have worked through the problems of carbon disulfide emissions from EPDM, particularly where the seals of bearings were made with this elastomer.