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a chemical analysis used to determine the age of organic materials based on their content of the radioisotope carbon-14

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GMP confirmed the left femur, has been sent off for DNA testing and carbon dating.
His Thistle Bloodstock colours were first and third in last weekend's Queen's Cup at Musselburgh with Carbon Dating and The Tartan Spartan.
Sent off a 12-1 chance, Carbon Dating moved smoothly to the front with two furlongs to travel and stayed on strongly to take care of Maleficent Queen by a length and a half.
By carbon dating these proteins, which remain exactly the same as when they first formed, scientists determined roughly when the shark was born.
Carbon dating of recovered objects suggests they belonged to people who lived on the inaccessible site between the eighth and the 18th centuries.
Researchers used carbon dating techniques to reveal it had walked the Earth around 40,000 years ago.
95 This is Hard To Find's oldest whisky and comes with its own carbon dating certificate to prove its age.
Carbon dating from an archaeological dig by the university shows that the parish of Amesbury has been continually occupied for every millennia since 8,820BC.
Based on carbon dating tests, the shrine goes back to the sixth century B.
Carbon dating has shown that this bone dates back to 895-1017, which scientists from the University of Winchester believe ties in with the death of the two kings and is unlikely to have come from anyone apart from the father or the son.
A Danish team, led by Dr Stephen Larsen, is already focusing on carbon dating the royal burial mounds in A'ali, confirmed Culture Ministry archaeologist-in-charge Salman Al Mahari.
Carbon dating technology established with gg percent certainty that the Shroud ct Turin cannet be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.
Mahd Al-Dahab Gold Mine in Madinah is one of the oldest mining sites in Saudi Arabia, with carbon dating of ancient slag indicating two separate periods of mining activity.
Carbon dating has been used in archaeology and climate research for decades.