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a chemical analysis used to determine the age of organic materials based on their content of the radioisotope carbon-14

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Carbon dating of the sediment layers reveals that they go back more than 40,000 years.
But recent carbon dating of hay used for insulation in the man's boots indicates an age of about 5,300 years, placing him in the late Stone Age, reports Torstein Sjovold of the University of Stockholm, Sweden.
Qur'an Quotations Preserved on Papyrus Documents, 7th-10th Centuries: And the Problem of Carbon Dating Early Qur'ans
HAMILTON: 6.00 Strong Steps, 6.35 Dark Regard, 7.05 Poyle Vinnie, 7.40 Laugh A Minute, 8.10 Cap Francais, 8.45 Carbon Dating, 9.15 Twentysixthstreet.
The carbon dating report on the Mannar mass grave had yesterday revealed that the bone samples taken from the site were from the years between 1400-1650 AD.
At the time, Carbon Dating was the only horse he singled out for mention.
DNA testing and carbon dating is being carried out.
Using radio carbon dating techniques, researchers were able to tell the age of the organic material that accumulates on top of each new sand deposit left by a flood, giving them a relative date for each flood.
POLICE are carrying out DNA testing and carbon dating of a human thigh bone found next to a lake in Stalybridge.
Carbon dating proved that the site dated back to 3100 BC or the Hafeet period.
The anders were sent to the Beta Analytic Radiocarbon Dating Lab in Miami, Florida, for carbon dating testing, a practice used to determine their precise age.
Carbon dating shows an ancient Indian manuscript, the Bakhshali manuscript from the third or fourth century, is the earliest recorded origin of the zero symbol.
The creature was found at Jaspur, India, and has been sent for analysis, including carbon dating.
The latter has not been subject to carbon dating, which could help verify whether the missing pages and the existing pages are one and the same.