carbon cycle

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the organic circulation of carbon from the atmosphere into organisms and back again

a thermonuclear reaction in the interior of stars

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This is the first part of the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is completed when plants die and their tissues decompose, releasing [CO.sub.2] back into the atmosphere.
Veizer, J., 2005, Celestial climate driver: a perspective from four billion years of the carbon cycle: Geoscience Canada, v.
Richard Feely, another of the lead authors, adds: "These numbers are used to constrain the global carbon cycle models.
POSITIVELY IMPACTING THE ENVIRONMENT has as its objective significantly expanding the carbon cycle benefits of the forest products industry and significantly decreasing the industry's site and activity footprint.
With the world's present fossil fuel emissions, of 6.3 billion tC/ha/yr, approximately 3.3 billion tons are accumulating in the atmosphere each year (the rest are absorbed as part of the Earth's total carbon cycle).
Trees play a key role in the circulation of carbon molecules between organisms and the environment--known as the carbon cycle (see diagram, above).
It is an essential instrument in the science of quantifying the global carbon cycle for the U.S.
The two delegations identified research activities that could lend themselves to co-operation in the following fields: the carbon cycle; interactions between aerosols and the climate; climate sensitivity and observations; integrated observation systems and related data; carbon sequestering; and hydrogen technology and infrastructure.
Do members of the council understand the carbon cycle (they probably think it's a bike)?
The "Carboeurope" report sums up, from a European viewpoint, the progress made with steps taken to bring the Earth carbon cycle under control and considers key issues bound up with calculation and verification methods.
Trees also play a vital role in the carbon cycle; taking atmospheric carbon dioxide and `sinking' it into wood.
Of the book's 11 chapters, the first four are dedicated to the study of the carbon cycle, carbon budgets, soil organic matter (SOM) quality, and environmental aspects of the soil carbon cycle.
In Chapter 10, ap Rees concludes that plant respiration is a significant component of the global carbon cycle (about 55 Gt per year).
Summary: Washington [USA], April 26 (ANI): Scientists have outlined and quantified the mechanism of the ocean carbon cycle, ' biological pump ' which could be used to better predict future global climate change.