carbon copy

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Synonyms for carbon copy

Synonyms for carbon copy

a copy made with carbon paper


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Carbon Copy Prosecutions: A New Fixture in the International Enforcement Arena
The tragedy was almost a carbon copy of an incident in which a two-year-old Bahrain girl drowned at a poolside picnic almost a month ago.
PUB: The New Crown, South Shields QUESTION MASTER: Phil DAY AND TIME OF QUIZ: Sunday 9.30pm PRICE: pounds 1 per person PRIZE MONEY: See comment below FOOD: None PARTICIPATING AGE GROUPS: Wide range STAR RATING: 5/10 NUMBER OF TEAMS: See comment MARKING SYSTEM: Marked by your own team with a carbon copy checked by Phil MOST UNUSUAL NAME: See comment
A carbon copy of a long epoch, a tick-tock that started in
(10) Magi made photocopies of the materials Carolyn Lamb provided him and today they are in the collection of his materials (Series CW8), while the actual carbon copy second sheets on onion skin given to him by Lamb were delivered for inclusion in the Terry Collection.
I advise him to get around a negotiating table to avoid him looking like a carbon copy of gutless Gordon Brown and some of his cohorts.
A carbon copy of the Opel Astra with badges showing the sixth planet in place of a lightning bolt, the Saturn version will be offered in 3- and 5-door variants when it arrives in late 2007.
Rail union boss Bob Crow said the crash was a carbon copy of the 1998 Potters Bar tragedy when bolts came loose at points.
So here we have some of the important NAFTA builders working to expand their destructive creation into a carbon copy of the European Union that is already dominant over 25 once-independent countries.
Carbon Copy Building used several layers of screens to project paintings by New York cartoonist Ben Katchor.
If administered today, the survey results would probably produce carbon copy answers, or worse yet, lean even closer to the dark side.
Carbon copy reporting allows patient reports to be delivered to multiple providers by fax, printing, and e-mail.
Surely the differences are part of horse-racing not turning every racecourse into a carbon copy of each other.
After you've inspected all your masks, report the inspection to your MACOM commander and carbon copy Vanatta at the address above.