carbon copy

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Synonyms for carbon copy

Synonyms for carbon copy

a copy made with carbon paper


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The entry for any transcription copy for which Magi was advised that Lamb also was in possession of the original document from which the transcription, and resulting carbon copies, were made was identified with an asterisk.
Writer/director/producer Susan Lacy, who seems to have created a documentary intended most of all to please her subject, suggests that if Mitchell failed fans' expectations, fans likewise failed hers by expecting her to endlessly churn out carbon copies of her hit ``Court and Spark.
That's not to say that we want to go back to the days of paste-up boards, let alone manual typewriters--complete with carbon copies and white-out (remember those?
EFI MWA has allowed Alagasco to re-engineer field service activity to reduce costly and time-consuming manual processes, and to eliminate the use of paper forms and carbon copies.
Although 16 months separate the two, the Ritzes hardly are carbon copies of each other on the court.