carbon black

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a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

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The global demand for carbon black is estimated to rise almost 5% every year to touch 11 million metric tonne by 2012.
The Birla Group is the world's fourth-largest producer of carbon black. Phillips Carbon Black, the biggest producer of the material in India, has an installed capacity of 360,000 metric tonnes with plans to increase that to 410,000 tonnes.
The North America carbon black market, dominated by the US, will expand at a pace approaching the global average.
In this paper, the changes in conductivity of a polymeric concrete, as a function of carbon black content, applied voltage, and morphology of the composite, have been analyzed.
And carbon black's safety also came under a cloud last spring when the International Agency for Research on Cancer issued a monograph classifying the substance in its so-called Group 2B, that is, substances "possibly carcinogenic to humans."
The Carbon Black World Data Book 2019 provides an up-to-date overview of the $17 billion global markets for carbon black, a reinforcing filler and pigment used mainly in the rubber, plastics, paint, and ink industries.
"Partnering with Carbon Black further enables us to provide our customers with the leading-edge, managed security services they need to defend their networks and protect sensitive data," said Stephan Berner, CEO, Help AG.
Orion also will highlight the importance of newly developed narrow aggregate size distribution (ASD) Carbon Blacks in improving abrasion resistance of truck tread compounds without increasing rolling resistance.
The company stated the PROPEL E7 carbon black is engineered to reduce tire rolling resistance and improve vehicle fuel economy.
The market research institute Ceresana forecasts dynamic growth of global demand for carbon black.
Evonik Industries successfully completed the divestment of its carbon black activities on July 29, 201l.
Evonik Industries has completed the divestment of its carbon black activities to Rhone Capital and Triton Partners.
A new substitute for carbon black pigments is said to be affordable and environmentally sound.
The percolation threshold of masterbatch-blended composites occurred at the lowest carbon black concentration among four kinds of composites.