carbolic acid

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a toxic white soluble crystalline acidic derivative of benzene

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The river's concentration of carbolic acid, an industrial chemical used to create plastic and other materials, has dropped because of discharges of water in the upper reaches of the river, which have diluted the chemical.
Lister, perceiving that Pasteur's heat sterilization had no relevance to surgical procedures, turned to chemical antisepsis with carbolic acid by 1867.
Halsted's scrub nurse, but she developed a severe contact dermatitis in 1889, as her sensitive hands could not tolerate the disinfectants mercuric chloride and carbolic acid (phenol).
Lister moved to Edinburgh in 1853 and, seven years later, took the chair of clinical surgery at the University of Glasgow, where he successfully introduced carbolic acid to sterilise surgical instruments and to clean wounds.
He develops antiseptic surgical methods, using carbolic acid to clean wounds and surgical instruments.
In the 1940s, a Belgian chemist mixed carbolic acid and formaldehyde to create the first synthetic adhesive.
The carbolic acid in the soda will eliminate smells while the water rinses the spot clean.
For disinfection of discharges, carbolic acid was used in strength of 1 to 10.
Investigators are likely to examine the presence of a lorry carrying highly flammable carbolic acid, or phenol, which it is claimed overturned before the blast.
He successfully introduced carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments and to clean wounds while working at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
There have been several attempts to rubbish the claims, including an allegation that his wounds were self-inflicted by him rubbing carbolic acid into his hands.
In examining the process and formula for making vaccines, we find they contain poisons such as glycerine, carbolic acid, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, and the toxic pus of diseased animals, humans or eggs.
He ordered that, in future, all carbolic acid was to be diluted and left in a liquid state for immediate use.
Reliable NASA-based gas analyzer W technology is keeping producers aware of moisture content in their natural gas before it enters the El Paso Natural Gas Company (EPNG) pipeline, blocking formation of problematic carbolic acid and helping the producers avoid expensive shut-ins.
Every discipline has its legends and lore, but medicine has a series of inspirational moments in which someone, be it Lister and his carbolic acid wound dressing or Donald Wilson and his efforts to open medical education to minorities, saved lives.