carbolic acid

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a toxic white soluble crystalline acidic derivative of benzene

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Lister decided to take things one step further and instructed surgeons under him to use sterilised rubber gloves, wash their hands in 5 per cent carbolic acid solution, and use steam sterilised equipment.
He then turned to carbolic acid (phenol) and initially limited his studies to patients with compound fractures.
Ticks were collected from the inner aspect of ear and clear with Carbolic acid for specific identification.
The concentration of free carbolic acid in the sample was determined by means of the calibration curve.
Even if the cyst is ruptured and cannot be removed completely, the germinal layer should be scraped and treated with carbolic acid or electric cauterization.10 Nevertheless, thoracoscopic surgery for bronchogenic cysts has some limitations.
Triggers include: hormonal changes, for example in adolescence; damage to the skin by and micals ducts ants, latex sunburn; extreme stress and contact with certain chemicals such as carbolic acid; products like adhesives, deodorants, disinfectants, insecticides, latex gloves and paint.
FYI: The store's name comes from a famous English lawsuit over a product that claimed to cure influenza by releasing vapors of carbolic acid into the nostrils.
The plan calls for cleaning up a former carbolic acid plant and uranium processing factory at Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill, the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Just to rub salt, vinegar and maybe some carbolic acid, into the wounds, former Scotland midfield warrior Billy McKinlay helped mastermind the result.
Five momarsa for the supply of (a) H5 N1 (bird flu) vaccines, (b) glycerin, a detergent containing iodine and jell type detergent for hands, (c) spare parts for automatic syringes of Tumaster - Fine Em brand, (d) phenol (carbolic acid) insecticides, liquid soap, regular detergents and chlorine containing detergents, also (e) detergents containing quadratic ammonium chloride.
Joseph Lister revolutionized surgery with carbolic acid antisepsis.
The river's concentration of carbolic acid, an industrial chemical used to create plastic and other materials, has dropped because of discharges of water in the upper reaches of the river, which have diluted the chemical.
By contrast to the strong emphasis on antisepsis using carbolic acid and lint dressing, he alludes disparagingly [in the introductory text] to the practice of some surgeons 'deviating from the excellent Hunterian practice, they enlarge the orifice with the knife'.