carbohydrate loading

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a diet of foods high in starch that increases carbohydrate reserves in muscles

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Patients in group A were counselled about conventional peri-operative management, fasting of 06 hours, no fluid and carbohydrate loading before surgery and antibiotic prophylaxis.
It is estimated that carbohydrate loading can improve performance over a set distance by 2-3%.
This has been called 'carbohydrate loading. The principle of the approach is the provision of an energy-containing liquid meal, which will result in insulin secretion necessary to alter the fasted metabolic state.
Nedley said that in general, these athletes engage in a practice known as carbohydrate loading. Such approaches, he added, are based on years of research in the area of sports medicine.
Asked how he gets himself so fit and has all those big muscles, he started telling them all about 'training loading phases, hypertrophy, carbohydrate loading etc, etc, etc'.
As mentioned previously, the use of carbohydrate loading attenuates postoperative insulin resistance, reduces nitrogen and protein losses,[sup.40,41] preserves skeletal muscle mass and reduces preoperative thirst, hunger and anxiety.[sup.42]-[sup.44] It involves the use of clear carbohydrate drinks the day prior to surgery and up to 2 hours before.
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