carbohydrate loading

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a diet of foods high in starch that increases carbohydrate reserves in muscles

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Patients in group A were counselled about conventional peri-operative management, fasting of 06 hours, no fluid and carbohydrate loading before surgery and antibiotic prophylaxis.
The Australian Institute of Sport recommends one to four days of exercise taper, as carbohydrate loading requires an exercise reduction.
It has therefore been postulated that the addition of protein to carbohydrate-rich sip drinks would enhance the clinical benefits of carbohydrate loading.
32,33] avoiding a prolonged period when oral intake is interrupted, and the use of carbohydrate loading.
If you have never tried carbohydrate loading before, don''t try it the day before your first race," he said.
The second edition updates guidelines from professional organizations regarding physical activity and weight management and includes expanded sections on food labeling bioenergetics and proteins role in recovery, as well as updated information on current hot topics such as the glycemic index, carbohydrate loading, metabolic water and supplements.
Fat adaptation followed by carbohydrate loading compromises high-intensity sprint performance.
She is discussing topics like carbohydrate loading and fluid intake, which she believes are vital to today's footballers.
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