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Basal insulin requirement is usually constant from day to day and matching bolus insulin to carbohydrate intake using an ICR is optimal for post-meal blood glucose management.
Very low carbohydrate diets force our body to create glucose from protein and fat in a process that leaves us feeling sick, tired and with smelly breath.
Ultimately, the question to be answered is "can an endurance athlete perform well while consuming a very low carbohydrate diet"?
Most evidence suggests that ingesting a high amount of carbohydrate at frequent intervals negates the benefits of added protein.
Proponents of low-carbohydrate diets would have you believe that eating carbohydrates makes us want more carbohydrates because of fluctuations in blood glucose levels.
In another recent, well-publicized study that compared diets with various carbohydrate and fat levels, investigators found that a greater reduction in weight, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio, triglycerides, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as a greater elevation in HDL cholesterol, with the lowest-carbohydrate diet (JAMA 2007;297:969-77).
The reductions in small LDL particles from lowering carbohydrate intake were independent of saturated fat intake.
And they very much differ in how quickly they supply that energy: carbohydrates are the quickest, and fats are the slowest.
Carbohydrate nutrition has become very complex as it has become clear that there are many different compounds that make up the carbohydrates.
Any weight loss that's produced by low-carbohydrate diets is due to a decrease in the amount of calories, not a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates.
On average, the low-carbohydrate group reduced carbohydrates by 52%, from 251 g/day at baseline to 120 g/day at 1-year follow-up.
The worldwide low carbohydrate diet craze is still growing, and Ian's Natural Foods, Revere, Massachusetts, USA, has responded by adding two low carbohydrate pizzas to its lineup of all natural frozen food products.
The Wurtmans also found the brain actually sends out signals to eat carbohydrates and that if the carbohydrate craver eats protein instead, he or she will become grumpy, irritable or restless.
Grocery Manufacturers of America in February petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to establish regulations for carbohydrate nutrient content claims.
Proponents of several diet plans--such as Atkins and The Zone--say low or moderate carbohydrate foods produce less of an insulin spike in the blood after meals, which helps lead to people burning more fat and losing more weight.
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