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Synonyms for charcoal

a carbonaceous material obtained by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air

a stick of black carbon material used for drawing


Related Words

a drawing made with a stick of black carbon material

Related Words

draw, trace, or represent with charcoal

of a very dark grey

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CARBO high-performance ceramic casting media is available in three product families:
Sprague said the Carbo terminals are located in Inwood and Lawrence, New York, with a combined gasoline, ethanol and distillate storage capacity of 157,000 barrels.
CARBO focuses on integrating technologies to produce engineered solutions in its Design, Build, and Optimize the Frac[R] technology businesses, delivering important value to E&P operators by increasing well production and EUR.
Lee and Carbo, and the rest of that team in general, ruined my honeymoon.
But Gils Carbo said if Nisman wished to pay for the trip himself, there would be "no problem" receiving permission to travel.
Cabe senalar que Sanchez Carbo publico tambien en el 2012 un libro teorico sobre el estudio de los "relatos integrados": La unidad y la diversidad.
Included in its exhibits is the electrically heated coating Carbo e-Therm UHT, an innovation for heating solutions using temperatures up to 500[degrees]C.
Este tomo, el primero de los cinco que sobre Colombia dirigio Eduardo Posada Carbo y que se incluyen en la coleccion titulada "America Latina en la Historia Contemporanea", preparada por la Fundacion Mapfre y el Grupo Editorial Santillana, reune bajo la coordinacion de Adolfo Meisel Roca los siguientes textos dedicados a explicar el periodo 1808-1830: "Las claves del periodo", y "El proceso economico", por Adolfo Meisel Roca; "La vida politica", escrito por Armando Martinez Garnica; "Colombia en el mundo", de David Bushnell; "Poblacion y sociedad", por Marixa Lasso, y "La cultura", escrito por Victor Uribe Uran.
Kodiak Nutrition International, LLC, Hurley, NM, has launched Complete Pitcher Carbo Load and Power Hitter's Protein, which can help both amateur and professional baseball players by providing them with sustained energy release, and allowing them to maintain/gain muscle mass and improve recovery time during a long season.
Former New Orleans film commissioner Kim Carbo died of cancer July 21 in Louisiana.
Carbo NXT dry-silane is NXT silane carried on carbon black.
The biscuits have names like Chick'n Lick'n Chops, Paw'nut Bites, Barkin' Barbecue Ribs, Whole Wheat Howlers, Pumpkin Poppers, Veggie Bites, Carbo Cookies and Cheesy Chops.
The Association of Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) has awarded the 2002 ALISE Professional Contribution Award to Toni Carbo, dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences (SIS).