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a light volatile flammable poisonous liquid alcohol

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Another two alcohol modifiers, cyclohexyl carbinol (CH-C[H.sub.2]OH) and benzyl alcohol (Ph-C[H.sub.2]OH), were also investigated (Table 3).
The photocatalytic activity of the thin films was tested through the degradation of Malachite Green carbinol base dye ([C.sub.23][H.sub.26][N.sub.2]O, Aldrich) contained in an aqueous solution (10 [micro]mol/L).
Kerosene oil and methyl iso-butyl carbinol (MIBC) were used as collector and frother, respectively.
The standard solutions were further diluted with carbinol to prepare the working solutions for calibration and verification in recovery studies.
Key products within the Sun Protection program that showed superior SPF/UVAPF performance include Dow Corning[R] 5562 Carbinol Fluid, a low-viscosity fluid for sunscreens offering broad compatibility with polar and non-polar solvents; Dow Corning 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid, a polyphenylmethylsiloxane for suntan lotions that provides non-oily, easy-to-spread emolliency and a smooth, non-sticky film that helps repel sand; and Dow Corning MQ-1640 Flake Resin, a flexible film former for sunscreens that also provides wash-off resistance.
have reported a facile method for the synthesizing of triarylmethane by the catalytic hydrogenation of the diaryl ketone and the subsequent treatment of the carbinol with aryl amines and HCl [13].
The FITC-labeled nanoparticles were dehydrated with pure carbinol and freeze-dried in a darkroom.
when a minibus was rear-ended by a truck carrying carbinol on the highway linking the regional capital of Hohhot and Togtoh County, Xinhua quoted a spokesman with the public security bureau of Hohhot as saying.
KATE is on a "baby-making" diet carbinol, a natural compound KATE is on a "baby-making" diet packed with sprouts and cream cheese to help her conceive.
MIBC (methyl isobutyl carbinol), a widely used frothing agent, was used.
El alcohol metilico tambien se conoce como metanol, alcohol de madera, carbinol, alcohol industrial, hidroximetano, alcohol de reverbero, entre otros [3,4,5].
The silanol (Si-OH) groups react with carbinol (C-OH) groups on the alkyd, liberating water which must be removed to drive the reaction toward completion.