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light automatic rifle

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To make the wait endurable, he sat down, his carbine resting on his knees.
And all this he saw in such brief time, that he saw it as he lifted his carbine to his shoulder.
From the Woods, on a roan horse, carbine across pommel, rode the young man with the quick black eyes.
He put the carbine away in its boot, mounted, and waited impatiently, balancing the shirt of apples on the pommel.
By the torchlight Dantes saw the glittering sabres and carbines of four gendarmes.
Just as much as the rusty old carbine I have compared him to.
"Caught a man stealin' carbines, sir," said the corporal.
Now the adjutant loved his carbines. They were to him as his grandchildren, the men standing in the first place.
And, wading in wild grass and flowers, he advanced fearlessly on the four carbines; but finding that no one followed except young Harrogate, he turned, brandishing his cutlass to wave the others on.
All the time that he had been speaking, the dubious-looking men with carbines and dirty slouch hats had been gathering silently in such preponderating numbers that even Muscari was compelled to recognize his sally with the sword as hopeless.
de Bragelonne gained the seashore, when two shots from long carbines issued from the enemy's ranks and laid him low.
Their weapons were bows and arrows, and a few short carbines, and most of them had round shields.
on safari in Kenya and Uganda with his .44 Magnum Carbine and an assortment of trophies ranging from leopards to waterbucks.
Throttle management is how fast we can get the carbine on target.