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Synonyms for bur

seed vessel having hooks or prickles

small bit used in dentistry or surgery

remove the burrs from


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The finished surface of the restoration produced by the carbide bur gave the roughest surface while the Mylar strip gave the smoothest finish surface.
A double-cut carbide bur for removing exit burs from drilled holes on stainless steel, high nickel alloys, steel tubing, and cast iron pipe is available from Rex-Cut Products, Inc.
A new line of carbide bur for weld and metal removal, weld preparation, deburring, chamfering, edge breaking, and for creating radii is being introduced by Rex-Cut Products, Inc.
Kerr Rotary has introduced carbide burs that feature unique plating technology, the KaVo Kerr Carbide.
The effect of ultrasonic cleansing and autoclaving on tungsten carbide burs. Br Dent J 1988; 164: 113-5.