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a binary compound of carbon with a more electropositive element

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carbide 7mm Mk-Totem/Addison/Miranda/Eastman,carbide 7.
Unlike straight tungsten carbides, which are heavy and forced to the bottom of the weld puddle, the composition of Postalloy PS-150 is ideally balanced to provide a uniform distribution of vanadium-tungsten carbides throughout a tough steel matrix that takes more impact than both chromium and tungsten carbides.
Keywords: Carbide waste; cement replacement; soil stabilization; split tensile strength; subgrade; unconfined compressive strength.
The Carbide Quiet 400Q and Carbide Clear 400C are both easy to build in, easy to clean, and liquid cooling capable.
Corsair, a world leader in enthusiast PC hardware and components, today announced release of the new Corsair Carbide 400Q and Carbide 400C high-performance PC cases.
3] carbides slightly changed, whereas the larger carbide particles in martensite matrix disappeared.
Mitsubishi Materials is a major world manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide cutting tools, excelling in the manufacturing process control of the raw material (powder) to final product.
C4 Carbides manufactures carbide tipped power tool accessories including jig and industrial band saw blades, which are exported across the globe.
China is the leading producer and consumer of silicon carbide, and its output of silicon carbide in 2009 reached 535 kilotons or so, occupying 56.
On August 11, 1985, the Union Carbide facility in Institute, West Virginia, had a major chemical release.
However, they also can be used to show the effects of slower cooling with LDASC additions on casting microstructure, particularly on carbide formation.
Thicker carbide cladding for twin-screw barrel sections uses spherical carbide particles in a nickel alloy, while such cladding typically uses less-expensive angular carbide particles.
Some manufacturers are moving to indexable tools to avert the recent steep price run-up for solid carbide tooling, according to Ingersoll Cutting Tools, which supplies both types of tools.
Essentially, Severson explains, "Tool steels are composed of a matrix, carbide volume, and non-metallic inclusions.
Both Union Carbide Corporation and the state and national Indian governments may deserve the constant accusations aimed at them in The Bhopal Saga, but this is almost a distraction.